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The Chosen Few: The First Luxury Special Events Services Referral Collective

When it comes to planning a special event or a wedding, event hosts and couples want to make sure they are only selecting the best vendors. This could mean spending hours researching online, talking to others, or even going from business to business just to try to choose who they want to use. Event planners and venues have started to assist hosts and clients by creating lists of vendors they recommend. Sometimes those lists are usually companies they have used multiple times or have paid or offered discounts to those who recommend them. So is there a way to find vendors who truly are the best in the business? The Chosen Few (TCF) is making sure that there is. TCF members provide every element for exceptional event experiences.

Created in 2014 by luxury event industry innovator, Harriette Rose Katz, The Chosen Few is a small group of specialists that have established stellar reputations in the event industry and can be considered the best of the best. This extraordinary group includes caterers, event designers, event producers, entertainment, photographers/cinematographers, lighting & production specialists, and tent & structure specialists.

 As an invitation-only group, it takes a very special business to be apart of The Chosen Few. Members are chosen based on four specific factors that measure their aptitude and have a direct correlation with the group’s platform of excellence. The four factors are:

Creativity: Candidates must be able to develop original concepts that “stress functionality, innovation, and unparalleled attention to detail” and “demonstrate substantial artistic impact on the event industry as a whole”

Integrity: Must have “time-honored characteristics of providing honest and substantial value for what is charged,” must have ongoing and trusted relationships among clients, and “maintain the highest level of confidentiality and the business must be focused on responsiveness of their clients.”

Pursuit of Excellence: Candidates have “ongoing continuation of industry education requirements and have procedures in place to ensure those requirements are met” and “labor and end-product must be constantly tested and re-evaluated.” Companies must also allow feedback and be able to adapt to clients needs and market conditions.
Financial Constancy: Only companies that are financially sound and have been in the business successfully for some time are considered to be candidates for The Chosen Few
The Chosen Few has 23 members that have met the special criteria that have been created to be a member. Currently, all companies that are apart of The Chosen Few are from the northern part of the United States. On The Chosen Few website, this is what can be said about the members and their specialties:

“Because our members provide such a diverse range of specialties, we can help you craft the caliber of event that reflects your discriminating taste and surpasses your greatest expectations. As you look at our members, you will see the names and credentials of the crème de la crème in the world of events and entertainment. These esteemed specialists value their clients with trusted relationships and the utmost regard for their preferences and privacy.”

So if you are hosting a special event, wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or charity gala, and you want to guarantee that your vendors are providing with quality service and products, make sure to remember The Chosen Few.
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