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NC Revelers Orchestra: Sound that Makes a Statement

If you are a lover of music and dance and are looking to share that love with your guests, then look no further than the NC Revelers Orchestra. A collaboration between some of the finest musicians North Carolina has to offer, the Revelers have specialized in big band music and have made it their mission to bring nothing but the best of the great American songbook to your wedding or special event.

After being the bandleader for Atlanta’s “Sentimental Journey Orchestra,” and performing at some unique events like Ted Turner’s birthday, President Jimmy Carter’s Nobel Peace Prize celebration, and many more, Henry Mason left the growing Atlanta area and moved to North Carolina. After spending some time with smaller musical groups and orchestras, Mason decided it was time to create a band with the same musical ideals and professionalism as Sentimental Journey Orchestra in the North Carolina area, and created the NC Revelers Orchestra. Mason chose the name in honor of his late father-in-law:

"My late father-in-law who at 87 was still one of the youngest people I ever met, once belonged to a social club of equally young folks called "The Revelers". I promised him a full band for his party if he made it to 100. Since he didn't quite make it, the band name serves as my salute to his outlook on life."


Composed of musicians with various backgrounds and degrees in music, the Revelers Orchestra performs at a professional level and has an incredible background in Jazz Orchestra and dance band fields. Their music library consists of anything from Broadway show music, to sambas, cha-chas, tangos, waltzes, beguines, and even classic tunes from beach and rock songbooks, but they are always looking to add more music to their repertoire. The Revelers also have two main vocalists, Lauren Meehan and Kelly Smith, that dazzle their audiences with grace and style.


Lauren Meehan (left) and Kelly Smith (right)

World Class Wedding Venues had the honor of seeing the band perform at one of the few public performances the band plays. On the first Monday of every month, the Revelers Orchestra performs at Pittsboro Roadhouse & General store, allowing locals to enjoy dinner, a show, and a fun night of dancing. During these performances, the band will sometimes showcase guest singers, and performers as well as partner with local dance instructors to teach the crowd some new moves. 

The NC Revelers Orchestra is sure to make your wedding or special event even more memorable by delivering sound that makes a statement! 

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