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Lawyer Stages Trial to Propose to Attorney Girlfriend

When trying to create a plan to propose to your loved one, one piece of advice that will always be given is go back to where it all began, and that is exactly what this crafty prosecutor did. Brandon Dietz of Palm Beach, Florida, spent five months creating an elaborate fake trial to surprise his girlfriend, Jen Lettman, and Propose to her.

The two attorneys met through their work and not long after their professional relationship began to blossom into a more romantic one. After Brandon decided Jen was the one and that he wanting to propose, he knew he would have to think of something unique to catch Jen’s attention. So he began creating the fake DUI trial, finding a judge, a defendant, and asking all their friends and family to be the jury. When the time came Brandon asked Jen to sit in on the trial to hear his opening statement. “ When we worked together we would regularly watch each other’s opening statements and critique each other, so it wasn't unusual for me to be in the courtroom with him," she explained of why she was in court that day. "I didn’t know the facts about the DUI trial he made up, and I didn’t really ask.”

  Jen had not been paying much attention when the judge entered the room, but when they asked the jury to step in, she started to notice things that were very interesting. There were people who she thought looked like her sister and Brandon’s dad, and after that, she knew.

Brandon proposed to Jen with a personally designed ring, embedded with a diamond from her grandmother’s engagement ring. “It was the biggest surprise ever. "It’s in his nature to make a grand gesture but this time he went above and beyond. He’s such a caring and thoughtful person. It was incredible."
"With Brandon, I am laughing every single day. He cares so much about other people and when you have someone who cares for you so deeply it’s very special… We’re just enjoying our engagement for now. We haven’t talked about whether it will be a little courthouse wedding or a big party. It sounds really cheesy but we’re just happy to be together."

Brandon added, "Jen’s the warmest, most loving, and beautiful person inside and out. The proposal was exactly as I hoped it would be."

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