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2018 Wedding Trends

With the 2018 wedding season fast approaching, wedding trends are starting to surface. While most brides want their wedding to stand out and be unique, there are some ideas that are just too hard to resist. Here are some trends that one is likely to see at any wedding this year.

Color of the year: Ultra Violet

This year, Pantone Color Institute's Color of the year is Ultra Violet. Compare to last year’s color, Greenery, which helped create the feeling of being out in nature, this shade of purple is the perfect match to the modern metallic accents that have become so popular in recent years! Ultra Violet even creates the opportunity for brides to use more modern decorations, like crystals and agate.

Image Credit: Pantone Color Institute

Small Weddings

Many brides and grooms are starting to stick to a smaller, more intimate amount of guests that they invite to their wedding. Weddings are an incredibly special event, and couples want to make sure that the most important people are the ones who are there to celebrate with them. This is also helping couples financially by keeping the number of people that are being served at the reception lower.


Floral Chandeliers

Couples are starting to take to the ceiling with beautiful hanging decorations. Floral chandeliers started to make an appearance at the end of 2017, but are expected to become even bigger in 2018. Hanging decorations help make more room on tables, creating space for larger plates, more candles, or anything else one may want on their reception tables.

Image Credit: Merrimon-Wynne House


Say goodbye to extravagant and hello to minimalistic! Couples are starting to say less is more, and it looks amazing. Many venues are so beautiful on their own that couples don’t want to take away from what already exists, so they are starting to use fewer decorations that make much larger statements. A very popular simplistic look for modern and industrial spaces is the use of geometric shapes, while more rustic and traditional places are choosing small yet colorful flowers.

Image Credit: Branch and Bloom


While traditional wedding cakes and cake cutting are making a comeback, many couples are still serving guests special treats besides cake. There have been cupcakes, cookies, s’mores bars, and even bags of candy, but the treat that is set to take the stage this year is donuts. The fun, often circular, treats are great for those guests that like to mingle and move during the wedding reception. They also help solve the issue of brides and grooms barely being able to eat during their reception. Donuts allow the couple to snack while they make their way around the reception to talk to their guests.

Image Credit: Moggia Events

Black Accents

We have all heard people say that black should not be a major color in a wedding for one reason or another, but brides are starting to ignore all the naysayers and are incorporating black into their special day. With metallics and bright colors making their way into the wedding scene, adding that little splash of black just ties everything together and makes all the colors pop.

Wedding Hashtags

More and more couples are using social media to save all of their precious moments and allow others to see them. Creating a hashtag for that special day allows the couple and their guests to put their photos all in one place. That way when the couple is ready to print out all the photos they will only have to look in one place. The other great thing about hashtags is that they allow the couple to be creative by creating a catchy saying that relates to them. Some couples find a way to use their last name, some relate to the theme of their wedding, and others base it off something they have in common. There tons of ways to create an original hashtag that is fun and unique.

Image Credit: ABStudio62

Weddings are often seen as fashionable and elegant events, but couples are starting to realize that they can still have the fashion while also being comfortable. Velvet is starting to make its way into the wedding scene by providing a functional fashion choice that creates an elegant, yet relaxed, atmosphere.

Image Credit:  Kelsey Combe Photography
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