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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top wedding venues in Los Angeles?

There are many wonderful venues on our site for all over the globe, almost 8600 in the US alone. For LA Venues, please follow this link.

What are the best wedding venues in the UK?

World Class Wedding Venues prides itself in providing listings for the best wedding venues in the world! For UK Venues, follow this link.

What things should you consider before booking your wedding venue?

Your budget is the number one thing to consider in any and all wedding planning. After that you should consider the number of guests, the time of year you wish to get married, and what you would like the venue to provide. For a more in-depth view of what to consider, follow this link.

What should be the “must” things in a wedding venue?

The things a venue must have varies from couple to couple. Some want on site lodging for guests, some want it to be all-inclusive, and some want complete and total freedom. Check out this article for a closer look at things that you may want from your venue.

What are the best wedding venues in London?

Please follow this link to view our top London venues:

What should you ask your wedding venue?

The first thing you should ask the venue is if they are available for the dates you are looking at. You should also ask about the price and what all the venue provides to you. For a list of questions, click the following link.

How can I find a unique wedding venue in the USA?

World Class Wedding Venues is your worldwide wedding directory and has listings for thousands of wedding locations ranging from traditional and chic to unique and out of this world. Click the following link to start your search for your unique wedding venue today!

Can you suggest me some good wedding venues in the USA?

With over 8600 US wedding venues listed on out site, the possibilities are endless for your special day! Click the link below to see all of our amazing US venues.

Which are the most luxurious wedding venues in the world?

All venues are luxurious in their own way. It is up to you to decide which one fits the theme you’re going for. Follow the provided link to see all of our amazing venues.

How did you choose your perfect wedding venue?

Your perfect wedding venue is based on everything you desire to have at your wedding. It may take the form of an open air chapel or a vineyard stretching through the valley. Click the provided link to read more about choosing your perfect venue.

How far in advance should I research wedding venues?

Depending on the couple, wedding planning can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, but no matter how long it takes, it is best to look into venues as soon as possible. Click the link to read about how to plan your wedding.

What is the best way to compare wedding venues?

When you research venues, you will have a lot of questions. The answers to those questions will be the best way to compare any venues you’re interested in.

What are some good wedding venues in Miami, Florida?

Miami, FL is one of the go to places for sun and fun, which makes it a perfect place for a wedding. Follow this link to find all of our top Miami venues.

Which kind of wedding venue do you prefer: Wedding Garden or Beach Wedding?

Both have great qualities! The answer honestly depends on the tastes of the couple and which they believe fits who they are best.

What is the best wedding venue in Austin Texas?

Austin, Texas is a place that makes you feel at home, even when you aren’t from there. To view all of our Austin venues, follow this link.

What are the best Sydney wedding venues?

Sydney is THE place in the land down under. What would be more beautiful that the Opera House as the backdrop for your wedding? For Sydney venues, click this link.

What are some of the best wedding venues in Toronto, Canada?

Toronto is a gorgeous place and the perfect combo of the city and greenery. Choose from a modern or industrial space or a green garden out in the open.

What are the best wedding venues in Houston, Texas?

Houston is a metropolis filled with endless possibilities. A couple could have any type of them they wanted! From space to sports to artistic or historic, Houston has just a bit of everything.

What are Top Wedding Locations in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the Marriage Capital of the World. From quick elopements to drawn out, all day affairs, Vegas has everything you would ever desire for your wedding.

What are your favorite destination wedding locations?

Anywhere outside of your immediate area can be considered a destination wedding, and they are all wonderful. Each venue has its own charm and its own touches that will make your day even more memorable.

What is a nice wedding location in Miami Beach?

Beach weddings are some of the most magical moments you can ever have. A sunset photo on the beach is one that will never get old.

What are the top-rated wedding locations in the U.S.?

The US is home to one of the largest wedding markets in the world, making competition to be the best a tough race. This ensures that all venues do everything they can to keep their couples and their guests happy.

How did you choose your wedding location?

While planning your wedding and choosing your venue, it is best to come up with a set of questions that pertain to what you’re looking for in a venue. Here’s a guide to helping you choose what questions to ask.

What factors help you to decide on your wedding location?

The factors that help decide a venue vary from couple to couple. It truly depends on what you want and what you are looking for.

What are the best destination wedding locations in the USA?

Any place you choose outside of your immediate area is considered a destination wedding, so what may be a destination to you, is a local venue to others. Choosing venues that have the locals approval are the ones for you to choose.

What are the best destination wedding locations in Canada?

Canada is the go to place for a couple that is looking for a variety of options when it comes to venue settings. Check out out Canada listings to find your Canadian venue.

Do you think wedding planners are necessary?

This depends on the couple! Some venues already have planners on-site to assist in all wedding planning needs. If the venue does not have a planner, or you are hosting a private ceremony, a wedding planner is optional. Read more:

Why should you hire a wedding planner?

Planners can help make your wedding day less stressful on you by taking over everything, so all you have to worry about is walking down the aisle and saying “I Do.” Read more about the benefits of a planner:

What are the advantages of hiring a Wedding Planner?

Planners can help make your wedding day less stressful on you by taking over everything, so all you have to worry about is walking down the aisle and saying “I Do.” Read more about the benefits of a planner:

How can I choose a wedding venue?

What are the Most Elegant Wedding Venues in the World?

How much is the average cost of a destination wedding?

Depending on where you go, and other factors such as helping guests with travel expenses and if your honeymoon is including, a destination wedding will typically start around $25,000 dollars.

How do you find a wedding venue?

The best way to find a wedding venue is by searching for venues that fit the theme you wish to have on your special day. World Class Wedding Venues helps with this by having the option to search for venues via keywords that relate to a wedding theme or setting.

How far in advance should you book a wedding venue?

Most venues will book for years in advance, and they will start to fill up quickly. The sooner you book the place, the better the chance you have of getting the date you desire.

What is the best time to plan a wedding in Boston?

This is entirely up to the couple and the season you desire to have your wedding in! Check out our article about what season is best for your wedding:

Will I be able to find a good wedding planner in Boston?

World Class Wedding Venues is proud to provide listings for venues as well as vendors. We have vendors from all over listed on our site in the hopes of helping you plan your wedding in one easy place.

What do people wear at a wedding?

This depends on the style of your wedding, as well as the time of year. It is best to look at what time of year you’re looking to get married in to determine how guests should dress.

How much does a destination wedding in Boston cost?

On average the cost of a destination wedding will start around $25,000.

Can you get married at the Georgia Aquarium?

Does the Georgia Aquarium have food?

Does the Georgia Aquarium have parking?

Does the Georgia Aquarium have wheelchairs?

How much is parking for Georgia Aquarium?

Can you take a camera to the Georgia Aquarium?

How much does a wedding in Hawaii cost?

On average, weddings in Hawaii cost around $28,000, slightly below the national average of $33,000.

Where is the best place to get married in Hawaii?

Hawaii is a great place to get married. It can also double as your honeymoon location! For all Hawaii venues, please click the provided link:

Which Hawaiian island is best for weddings?

Each Hawaiian island has its own qualities that make them all perfect for a wedding. It’s up to you and your preferences as to which you will choose.

How do you plan a wedding in Hawaii?

All wedding planning starts with a checklist! Read our article on what you should include in your wedding planning checklist.

Can you get married in the mountains?

Yes! Mountain weddings are some of the most beautiful weddings, especially in the fall and winter. Plenty of venues have chosen to nestle themselves into the mountains just for you!

Where is the best place to elope in the US?

Elopement has become a huge trend in the wedding world. It is an affordable option for those who want a wedding, but way to avoid all the extra planning and guests.Check out our article on elopement.

Can you get married inside the Biltmore House?

The Biltmore Estate has multiple wedding locations and will help you find the perfect one for you!

How much is the average wedding in New Jersey?

New Jersey weddings run well above the national average of $33,000 and can cost around $60,000.

Where can I get married in North Carolina?

North Carolina has hundreds of wedding locations that range from Southern classic to modern and industrial. Find the one that fits you best!

Do you need a permit to get married on the beach in NC?

Venues on NC beaches will be able to help you find all of your needs for your wedding on the coast.

Do you need a liquor license for a wedding in NC?

Check out what NC Government says about special permits for your special day.

How do I get married in Virginia?

Here’s what you need to do to get married in Virginia.

How much is a wedding at Pippin Hill?

Get in contact with Pippin Hill to find out what your wedding would cost.

How do I get married in Fairfax County VA?

Here’s what you need to do to get married in Virginia.

How do I get married in Richmond VA?

Here’s what you need to do to get married in Virginia.

Do you need witnesses to get married in Virginia?

Here’s what you need to do to get married in Virginia.

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