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How To Choose The Perfect Beach Wedding Venue

Image Credit: Magic Shop Photos

Are you planning a destination wedding? Approximately 24 percent of all couples who are tying the knot travel to do so. It is safe to say that many couples will select a beach wedding venue for their destination wedding due to their simplicity and beauty. If you want to tie the knot while feeling the sand between your toes, listed below are some tips to get started.

Wedding Planner vs. Planning Alone

It is feasible to organize your own wedding on a public beach, but it is not ideal. It is hard to simply show up, put some chairs in the sand, and get hitched. Rather, you will have to pay for a permit to make use of the space. 

When you select a beach wedding venue where you can work with a wedding planner, you have a little more assurance through their vast experience. You also have someone to help ensure that all the right steps are taken. 

Consider the Elements

A beach wedding can be really exquisite, as long as the weather cooperates. Have a backup plan in the event of bad weather on your day. Most beach venues will normally offer indoor and outdoor services. That way you can always count on having a "Plan B."

Keep it Casual

Look for a more casual ceremony if you are going to get hitched on the beach. Elaborate wedding gowns & high heels might help create your dream of a fairy-tale wedding, but they are not particularly compatible with a beach wedding. Some beach wedding venues offer walkways so that you & your guests can easily walk over the sand. If any of your guests have mobility problems or use a walker, a temporary walkway is an aspect to consider.  Parking can be a problem as well, but venue located on a beach can normally provide tram service to & from the site. 

What is it Going to Cost?

The average wedding in the United States now costs between $25,000-$35,000– and that figure doesn’t include travel costs. Unless you live within driving distance of a beach, your guests will have to fork over money for airline tickets & accommodations. However, if you really desire to have a beach wedding, then these issues will be an easy fix for you, and there is good news for that! Compared to some indoor venues, a beach wedding can be reasonably priced, so you and your partner can help offset guests’ travel costs. Hotels often offer discounts for group rates, and an off-season wedding can also keep costs low.

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