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Why Print Wedding Invitations Are STILL a Must-Do

As wedding websites and digital invitations become more mainstream, we can’t help but feel like we are losing touch with an endearing tradition. We have long been advocates of print wedding invitations. And here’s why: 1. It’s always nice to receive mail. There is something so satisfying about receiving a heartfelt card, letter, or invitation in the mail. It connects loved ones in a more personal way. A physical invitation makes guests feel special – like you really care that THEY, in particular, join you for your big day. After all, you are hosting a big...
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Lone Mountain Ranch – Big Sky, Montana

It’s the day after your wedding. You and your honey wake up cozy warm in an authentic Western cabin. You feel the heat of the fireplace and gaze out your window into a snowy wonderland. Later, you plan to go skiing or maybe even dog sledding? And tomorrow you may even tour Yellowstone! Where are you? You are at Lone Mountain Ranch resort! Kick Off Your Marriage the RIGHT Way! The perfect escape AND the adventure of a lifetime. That’s exactly what you can expect at Lone Mountain Ranch in beautiful Big Sky, Montana. The days before and after your wedding...
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5 Strategies to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are a blast! And they create some STUNNING photos you’ll cherish for years to come. But there is no escaping the cruel reality that you and your guests may be stuck out in the heat for a period of time. In this blog, we discuss 5 ways you can help your guests handle the heat and enjoy every bit of your summer wedding. 1. Pick Your Venue Wisely. Consider indoor wedding venues (especially during the heat of the day). Always imagined celebrating outdoors? Perhaps you can host your wedding ceremony in the cool AC and bring the party outside for a night-time reception....
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