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Stress Free Bride

Comparison, the Thief of Joy

Guest blogger Hope Venetta of Stress Free Bride discusses how comparison can be the thief of joy for a bride when it comes to planning her wedding, and things brides should keep in mind when talking to one another.
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Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona

Musical Instrument Museum: Harmonizing with Every Occasion

Do you and your significant other have a love of all things music? Are you looking for a unique space for your wedding reception that your guests will talk about for years to come? Then look no further than the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona. With over 40,000 sq ft of event space, galleries displaying musical instruments from around the world, and an exclusive caterer, Bon Appétit, MIM is an event destination set to harmonize with any occasion.
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The Proposal Planner

The Proposal Planner: Proposal Planning in Paradise

When you have found your special someone, and know you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you want to ask in an unforgettable way. Some just improvise and wait for the right moment to show itself. While others try to plan the occasion. Planning a proposal can be just as stressful as planning the wedding itself, and it can be difficult to figure out where to start.
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Stress Free Bride

When Wedding Vendors Go Rouge

Your vendor has upped their prices yet again! You were so impressed with them at the bridal fair. You couldn't believe that the price quote they gave you was so low. You agreed to work with them immediately, but now that you are waist deep into wedding planning, they seem to have changed overnight. The price they originally quoted is now double? What's that about? The friendly vendor from the wedding expo is now slow to return your calls and has an attitude when you do get the chance to speak.
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Gourmet Advisory Services

Gourmet Advisory Services: 40 Years of Celebrating Personal Style

The world of special events and wedding planning is always changing and growing. From one trend to another, from charity events to private galas, and from one couple to the next, planners are bound to always learn something new. So how do you become one of the best in a business that hardly ever stays the same? For Gourmet Advisory Services, the answer is a simple one: create exquisite events and memorable experiences.
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AllSeated: Revolutionizing Event Planning

Ever wish that you could tour a wedding or event venue in another city? Want to know exactly what your wedding or special event would look like before the actual date of it? Had problems communicating exactly what your event to look like to others? Or would like to see your options without having to physically change everything? Then AllSeated is here to help you.
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Image Credit: Mountain Springs Lodge

Which Season is Right for Your Wedding?

Dreaming of a white wedding? Hearing the waves crash against the shore as the sun beams down? What about breathing in the autumn air with mountains towering above you in the background? Or even colorful flowers blooming around you in a quiet garden? Regardless of what you want, when it is time to plan your wedding you have to know the time of year and season you want to be in.
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Traditional French Wedding Dress from 1864 Image Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute

The Wedding Dress and How it Came to Be

The history of weddings and the idea and marriage is incredibly long and extensive. Marriage was at one point mainly used for financial stability, to gain social status, and to even create alliances. As time has passed the reasoning of marriage has changed. Used as the term of bonding two people who love one another and wish to be with no one else.
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Image Credit: Alexi Lubomirski

What You Need to Know About the Royal Wedding

This past Saturday, the majority of the modern world set their eyes on England as we all prepared to watch yet another historic royal wedding. It was only seven years ago when we watched Prince William and Catherine Middleton exchange their vows and begin their new lives together as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
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Image Credit: Coastal Know Bridal Boutique

Finding Your Wedding Dress

You’ve seen them on TV, you’ve been window shopping online for it, and you have probably been dreaming, or maybe even designing, your own since you were a little girl. If you’re about 9 months away from your wedding date then it’s time for you to say to your dress! But before you dive into dress shopping head first, check out these helpful tips on how to find your perfect wedding dress.
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Image Credit: Castellaw Captures

Wedding 101: Choosing Your Bridal Party

From the time they agree to stand by your side, your bridal party is your support group, your biggest fans, and your wedding day front line, so who do you ask for such an important role? Here are our tips on how to choose your wedding party.
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Image Credit: Joe Payne Photography at The Oaks at Salem

Wedding 101: Finding Your Venue and Vendors

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so of course you would want it to be as perfect as possible. You can envision exactly how you want it, but how do you bring this vision to life? How will you find the venue of your dreams? Who will help make your wedding perfect? In this article, we will take an in-depth look at picking your venue and choosing your vendors.
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