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Halo Engagement Rings-Fascinating Diamonds

The Ultimate Guide To Halo Engagement Rings by Fascinating Diamonds

Guest article from our friends at Fascinating Diamonds. When you start the time-honored process of shopping for an engagement ring, one among the primary varieties you’ll hear about is that the halo engagement ring — it’s become one among the foremost popular styles in recent years, to the purpose that some jewelers and trend observers call it “the halo craze.
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Recently, the CDC has advised citizens to postpone or cancel any social gatherings of over 50 people do to the worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19, or the coronavirus. This is a hard hit to the wedding and special event world, and some may be against the idea due to the extensive planning that has gone into the special day.
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Valentine's Day News Special

It is the day all about love! Learn about the latest trend in Valentine's Day gifts, the courthouse offering free weddings, and the carwash that's becoming The Tunnel of Love.
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Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

With winter just around the corner, we find ourselves saying goodbye to the wedding season and hello to a new engagement season, and do you know what a new engagement season means? New trends in rings that all brides-to-be will be more than happy to show off to all who will look!
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Ways to Propose to Your Other Half

It is officially engagement season! And that means that people are trying to think of the most memorable way to pop the question. If you are struggling with that perfect plan, then we want to help! Here are some things you incorporate into your plan to create an unforgettable proposal.
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Groom Hears Late Brother’s Heart on His Wedding Day

Weddings are a day of celebration with family and friends, but sometimes there is someone important missing. It’s someone that is missed dearly, but if always remembered and represented in some way. For one groom the representation of his brother came in a way he would never imagine.
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Photo by Leticia Ribeiro from Pexels

Timeless Color Palettes

One of the best ways to personalize your wedding is through the colors you choose to set the theme for the day. There are so many color combinations in this world, and it can be hard to choose one. Here are some of the color combos that we love the most!
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Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

Why You Should Consider Having a Wedding Planner

In this day and age, it is no secret that weddings are expensive, and you want to do every to keep the price of yours in a comfortable budget. Some do this by cutting certain pieces, like hiring a wedding planner. But is a wedding planner something that should be cut from the budget? The goal of a wedding planner is to relieve you of unnecessary stress and to make your special day memorable and organized.
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Songs to Consider for Your Wedding

As time has changed weddings, it has also changed the traditions associated with them, as well as the music that is played at them. Used as a way to express love for one another and the excitement of a future together, couples have started to put much more thought into the music played on their special day.
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