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The Ultimate Honeymoon Ideas For Around the World

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels
Weddings are beautiful and one of the most memorable moments of life, but planning and getting ready for them can be stressful and exhausting.  That’s why couples deserve to have a wonderful honeymoon afterward, so they can relax, unwind, and bask in the glory that is being newly married. Honeymoons are also an amazing opportunity to try new things or explore places you have never been to before. There are so many different things that one can try and so many different places to go, how does one choose? Here are some of our top choices for honeymoon ideas.

Explore from the Mountains to the Seas of North Carolina
Image Credit: Unseen Pass

Honeymoons can be a mix of relaxation and exploration. Some couples just want to stay in and do nothing while others want to get out and find some social media-worthy spots to take pictures to help remember the trip for the rest of their lives. Some of the best views of any location are hidden away and barely accessible to anyone unless you have access to some sort of all-terrain vehicle and some off-roading gear or even something to take you up in the sky. Even if you do not own these things, most of these areas have somewhere that allows you to rent the proper equipment so you can go a find that view that takes your breath away. 

North Carolina has plenty of places that offer scenic views on and off-road. The beaches to the east and the Appalachian Mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway to the west offer anyone who visits the state a variety of opportunities. Take a ride on street-legal side-by-sides (SxS) through historic West Jefferson and Ashe county before turning down one of the designated paths to find picturesque views that help you escape from reality thanks to Unseen Pass. Or head east to Jockey’s Ridge State Park and connect with Kitty Hawk Kites to get an over the top view of the sand dunes that call the Outer Banks home. The possibilities are endless in a diverse state like North Carolina making it an excellent honeymoon location.

RVing in the Alps

Image Credit: Your RV Lifestyle Staff

Converting vans and buses into a living space, and purchasing RVs have become all the rage with younger generations. The ability to go where you please and taking home with you has made traveling and seeing the world more of a reality than ever before, making it an ideal honeymoon trip. See places you never thought you would see, cross the country, and take the scenic route. One such trip that would be the perfect honeymoon idea would be to travel by RV through the Alps. 

What could possibly be a trip that passes through 8 countries, RVing through the Alps is something that can be done year-round, because contrary to popular belief, the Alps are a stunning sight with or without the snow. RVing also gives you the opportunity to do more, like rent kayaks or bicycles to take a day to do a little more in-depth sightseeing or stop for a day and do some shopping in a nearby town. To learn more about what it takes to make such a trip a reality, read The Ultimate Guide to an RV Adventure in the Alps.

Skiing in the Canadian Rockies
Image Credit Fernie Alpine Resort

Skiing is one of those activities that seems to fall under one of two categories. It seems as if it’s either something someone does every opportunity they receive, or it’s a once in a lifetime bucket list item someone wants to try, which usually becomes the foundation of a honeymoon trip. Regardless of which option it falls under for you, skiing is something that should be tried in style in places that only offer the best of conditions for the activity. One of these places is the Rocky Mountains.

The Rockies begin in the southwestern part of the United States and end in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, and offers a great diversity in terrain and wildlife. Some of the best skiing destinations in the world call the Rockies their home, and some of the best resorts can be found in the Canadian Rockies. To learn more about planning your trip to the Rockies, click here to read A Guide to Planning A Ski Trip In The Canadian Rockies.

Snorkeling in Aruba 
Image Credit:

So what if the ocean is calling your name, and you want to bask in the sun and try some water activities? With the world being 70% water there is a myriad of water-related activities to try, and a lot of locations to choose from. From surfing at Bondi Beach to paddleboarding at Venice Beach and all the tropical places in between. One such place, where the rest of the world can be forgotten and the ocean stretches as far as the eyes can see, is Aruba. 

Aruba has many wonderful opportunities that can make any honeymoon perfect. Picnics on the beach with local food, scenic tours, nightlife, and of course, watersports. Once in particular that anyone can participate in regardless of skill level is snorkeling. From beginner to advanced there are plenty of beaches in Aruba that look just as good underwater as they do on the shore. Take an in-depth look at all the beautiful coral and wildlife under the sea and in the crystal clear waters of Aruba, that look can go for hundreds of feet. If you want to find which snorkeling spot in Aruba is best for you, check out Traveler’s Guide to The Best Aruba Snorkeling Spots.

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