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Wedding Gloves – In or Out?

Wedding Gloves – In or Out?

Did you know wedding gloves were a critical part of any wedding ensemble for CENTURIES?

Until the 1960s, wedding gloves were a requirement for proper wedding etiquette! Why they went out of style… we’re not sure. But wedding gloves are undeniably back in style. 

And the World Class Wedding Venues team is obsessed!

Now, we’re not talking about the wedding gloves your grandmother (or maybe even great grandmother) wore. No… the gloves we are talking about are much more sleek and elegant – putting a modern twist on the classic tradition.

Styles of Wedding Gloves

There are a wide range of emerging wedding glove trends. Here are some of our favorites…

1) Henna Style

With a Hindu origins, henna tattoos are gorgeous orange-red body decorations made with the paste of a henna plant. One of the biggest wedding glove trends seems to almost mimic this traditional, flowery henna style. And we’re digging it!

Henna Wedding Gloves

           PHOTO/GLOVES: via Pinterest

2) Simple Tulle

Nothing speaks class quite like tulle wedding gloves. A soft-textured glove option, we find that tulle gloves pair well with simple, elegant wedding gowns and minimalist jewelry.

Simple Tulle Gloves

PHOTO/GLOVES: Grace Fiber Art via Etsy

3) Pearl-Studded Tulle

Have a thing for pearls? Whether you have a beautiful pearl-embellished wedding dress or spectacular pearl earrings for your big day, a pair of pearl-studded tulle gloves make the perfect addition to your wedding ensemble.

Tulle Pearl Loves

 PHOTO/GLOVES: Yes Bridal Boutique via Etsy

4) Glitter

Maybe you’re going for a little more glam. We’re here for it! We absolutely ADORE these arm-length, bedazzled wedding gloves.

Glitter Wedding Gloves

PHOTO/GLOVES: Vanilla WFG via Etsy

5) Frill

Did you choose an extra flowy, boho wedding dress? Going for a vintage wedding theme? Fingerless, frilled gloves – or sleeves – are PERFECT for boho-style brides. 

Frill Wedding Gloves

  PHOTO/GLOVES: Sophie And Her Story via Etsy

6) Classic Lace

We LOVE a good lace wedding glove. Carrying an air of gracefulness and royalty, lace gloves add a sweet touch to a bridal trousseau (i.e. the wedding ensemble).

Lace Wedding Gloves

 PHOTO/GLOVES: Pronovias via Pinterest

7) Simple Silk

Sometimes, the simpler, the better! Especially when it comes to pairing gloves with body-sculpting, floor-length silk wedding gowns. You’ll look like you belong at a royal ball or on a fashion runway!

Silk Wedding Gloves

  PHOTO/GLOVES: Angelina Colarusso via Pinterest

8) Wrist-Length

While many of the wedding gloves we’ve been seeing rise high up on the forearm or upper arm, we can’t forget to highlight the understated, elegant wrist-length gloves. Although these short gloves come in a wide range of styles, we are IN LOVE with these pearl-lined Shein gloves.

Wrist Length Gloves


9) Golden

And not all wedding gloves are 100% white. Adding traces of gold to your wedding ensemble? There are a wide variety of partially or totally golden wedding gloves and sleeves to choose from.

Golden Wedding Gloves

 PHOTO/GLOVES: Gloves By Jana via Etsy

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