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How To Plan Your Wedding Photography Schedule

How To Plan Your Wedding Photography Schedule

Capturing every important moment on your big day is essential. After all, wedding photographs are a great way to remember your wedding for years to come. A well-planned photography schedule can ensure that you capture one of life’s most important moments and remember the people who celebrated

Here are a few tips for planning your wedding photography schedule:

Identify “Must-have” Shots

From the magical moment you say “I do” to the borderline embarrassing bridesmaid speech, start by making a list of the shots that are most important to you. Having this list will help you prioritize and allocate time for each part of the

Timing is Everything

Think about the flow of the event to determine the best times for certain shots. For example, take any “getting ready” photos in the morning and save the candids for the reception when you’re less stressed and having fun.

Coordinate With Your Photographer

Don’t forget to coordinate with your wedding photographer. Give them a heads-up about any must-have shots or other specific requests. They’re the best people to offer guidance on timing and logistics.

Be Flexible

There are a lot of factors at play during a wedding, and things may not always go as planned, so allow for some buffer time in case of unexpected delays.

Plan For Portraits

Striking the perfect pose for a portrait can take up a significant part of the day so it's important to plan for them in advance. Consider the location, lighting, and backgrounds, and give your photographer enough time to capture the right shots.

Delegate Unimportant Tasks

You can’t be everywhere at once, so get members of your entourage, friends, or family to assist you. Assign someone to look for and gather people for group shots and someone else to set up any props for the photos.

Take a Break

Taking breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge is important. This will keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day.


Follow these tips and work closely with your photographer for a photography schedule that lets you get all the shots you want. However, don't forget to allow for some flexibility and delegate tasks to help the process run smoothly. With some careful planning and a lot of patience, you can capture beautiful and memorable photos that you'll treasure for several years to come.

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