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WCWV Blog Posts

Engagement Ring Trends Set to Take Over 2019

Photo Credit: Ethan Lord Jewelers

Ethan Lord Jewelers With Christmas and New Years right around the corner and Valentine’s Day looming over the horizon, it is very clear to all in the wedding world that it is engagement season, and with it comes new trends in rings that all brides-to-be will be more than happy to show off to all who will look. This season, experts believe that rings will be the perfect harmony between vintage and modern by combining old school styles with new school details. Colored Stones Whoever...
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WCWV Sponsors Amy Sorinio for Open Mic at Rose Hill

Amy Sorinio

In September, singer Amy Sorinio traveled from Aruba to New York to participate in an Open Mic Night at Rose Hill in New York. Amy is a professional singer and entertainer currently based out of Palm Beach, Aruba. She began her professional career in the Phillippines and has continued to showcase her talent around the world in countries such as Japan, Dubai, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and more. Amy has a very unique voice and talent that allows her to sing multiple genres, including...
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Tour Your Business with WCWV Virtual Tours

World Class Wedding Venues

World Class Wedding Venues is revolutionizing the way couples can view venues and vendors by adding 3D virtual tours to their website. With this new feature, couples can tour venues and other wedding-related businesses located anywhere in the world and get an in-depth look at what they have to offer before ever setting foot in the place of business. Venue and business owners will be able to use the 3D virtual tours to showcase their businesses to all potential clients. This new feature...
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Wedding Planning Deals and Steals with Fashion Blogger, Hunter Howard

We were lucky enough to meet with and chat wedding planning and fashion with North Carolina based newly minted fashion blogger, Hunter Howard. Hunter loves to shop and always looks adorable; she also LOVES a deal and has been in the process of planning her own wedding for the past year. She shared some awesome tips for saving money during wedding planning - without sacrificing quality- with us. Hunter described her style as fun, classy and trendy - "Honestly, it changes every day!"...
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The Cheapest Deal in Town

Stress Free Bride

I hear a version of this question all the time Do you know a baker, DJ, florist, photographer, etc that isn’t too expensive/has reasonable prices/is inexpensive/doesn’t cost too much/is low cost? The answer is yes, there is always someone willing to do it cheaper. It is easy to get sticker shock when doing research on what putting a wedding together actually costs. I get that. Letting price be the deciding factor for selecting your vendors could present you with a headache...
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Comparison, the Thief of Joy

Stress Free Bride

Comparison kills dreams Apps are great. Facebook groups are great. Online forums are great. There is value in hearing about the successes, mistakes, and frustrations of other brides. It feels good to commune with people going through the same thing as you. There is a kinship there. I get that. But be aware of the pitfalls as well. Bride to bride support can sometimes only add to the stress of wedding planning, and who needs that? The top 3 problems with bride-to-bride support ...
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When Wedding Vendors Go Rouge

Stress Free Bride

Select Your Vendors with Care Your vendor has upped their prices yet again! You were so impressed with them at the bridal fair. You couldn't believe that the price quote they gave you was so low. You agreed to work with them immediately, but now that you are waist deep into wedding planning, they seem to have changed overnight. The price they originally quoted is now double? What's that about? The friendly vendor from the wedding expo is now slow to return your calls and has...
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Which Season is Right for Your Wedding?

Image Credit: Mountain Springs Lodge

Dreaming of a white wedding? Hearing the waves crash against the shore as the sun beams down? What about breathing in the autumn air with mountains towering above you in the background? Or even colorful flowers blooming around you in a quiet garden? Regardless of what you want, when it is time to plan your wedding you have to know the time of year and season you want to be in. Here are some tips on how to choose which season is right for you and your wedding. Extreme Weather ​Can’t...
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The Wedding Dress and How it Came to Be

Traditional French Wedding Dress from 1864 Image Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute

The history of weddings and the idea and marriage is incredibly long and extensive. Marriage was at one point mainly used for financial stability, to gain social status, and to even create alliances. As time has passed the reasoning of marriage has changed. Used as the term of bonding two people who love one another and wish to be with no one else. This bond is usually finalized in a ceremony that came to be known as the wedding. So at what point in time did the wedding dress become so important?...
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What You Need to Know About the Royal Wedding

Image Credit: Alexi Lubomirski

This past Saturday, the majority of the modern world set their eyes on England as we all prepared to watch yet another historic royal wedding. It was only seven years ago when we watched Prince William and Catherine Middleton exchange their vows and begin their new lives together as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This time we had the privilege of watching Prince Harry marry American actress Meghan Markle and become the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This wedding was full of tradition, but also had...
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