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Why Print Wedding Invitations Are STILL a Must-Do

Why Print Wedding Invitations Are STILL a Must-Do

As wedding websites and digital invitations become more mainstream, we can’t help but feel like we are losing touch with an endearing tradition. We have long been advocates of print wedding invitations. 

And here’s why:  

1. It’s always nice to receive mail.

There is something so satisfying about receiving a heartfelt card, letter, or invitation in the mail. It connects loved ones in a more personal way. A physical invitation makes guests feel special – like you really care that THEY, in particular, join you for your big day. After all, you are hosting a big exclusive party. Let your guests enjoy that exclusivity factor!


2. You give your guests a physical memento.

Guests of all ages like to keep wedding invitations as keepsakes. This is especially important for guests who cannot attend, no matter how much they want to. They won’t be there physically to snag a wedding favor or program. At the very least, they can hold onto your invitation and celebrate with you in spirit.


3. It sets the stage for your wedding.

Your wedding is (at least somewhat) a formal occasion and deserves a formal introduction. If your wedding were a play, your invitation would be the first act. It provides the perfect opportunity to set the mood and start establishing your wedding theme (if you have one). 


4. Print inspires more creativity.

It is easier – and more satisfying – to create custom print wedding invitations than to mess around with a cookie-cutter wedding website. With design tools like Canva, your customization options are practically limitless. You can have fun with themed invitations, multi-card invitations (with wedding schedules, RSVP cards, and registry cards), and more!


5. It builds stronger anticipation.

Invitees often post wedding invitations in plain sight – say, on their refrigerator or a bulletin board – to give themselves a physical reminder of the upcoming event. Every time they glance over at your invitation, their excitement grows. Plus, they will be more likely to remember to RSVP if they walk past your invitation every day.


6. Two words…technical glitches.

Digital wedding invitations and websites don’t always cooperate – and sometimes aren’t the most intuitive for our technologically challenged friends and family. If you want to make sure your invitations arrive at the intended location, traditional mail invitations are safer.


7. Too many email addresses to track down.

Do you have email addresses for all of your guests? Hmm…yeah, probably not! You’re more likely to have their home addresses on hand. And unless you want to do the awkward “text-or-call-guests-for-their-emails” hustle, sending invitations through the mail is going to be your best bet. 


8. Cards are generation-friendly.

Let’s not make things more difficult for grandmum! Elderly guests will already have a hard enough time managing transportation arrangements. They don’t need to be messing around with a confusing website or digital RSVP. Keep it simple! You’ll increase your chances of getting memaw and papaw to the celebration.


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