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Is Hiring A Wedding Coordinator Worth Every Penny?

Is Hiring A Wedding Coordinator Worth Every Penny?

One query many couples often ask is, “Do I really require a wedding coordinator?” The answer to this is yes – you do require a wedding coordinator whether the venue offers one or you have to hire one. A wedding coordinator is an expenditure that’s worth every penny so couples and their friends and family can relish their big day without having to be worried about the minutest details of the wedding. 

We have heard couples saying that they have difficulties with paying a wedding coordinator. What they are unaware of are the vendor relations and contacts the coordinator employs, which could save the couple money. Therefore, wedding coordinators usually pay for themselves while saving couples so much unwanted stress & time taking effort. 

Couples usually ponder what an event coordinator does. Many event venues have on-site coordinators which are accountable for making certain that everything runs effortlessly behind the scenes of your wedding or reception. They are accountable for things such as making certain that the buffet table gets stocked up, confirming that the right number of tables & chairs are in place and that your guests comply with the venue’s policies. 

Most wedding venues maintain a list of their recommended wedding coordinators handy if one is not provided by the venue. These pros have often worked for the venue or other venues before and are recognizable with its staff, lay-out, and policies. If you are set on a particular wedding venue and you know you need the help of a coordinator, make sure to ask the venue for their preferred list if one is not already hired by the venue. Wedding coordinators and event coordinators are complementary to each other and work collectively to ensure that your wedding will carry on without a hitch. 

If family member or a friend asks you to take this responsibility, turn them down politely unless they are a pro wedding coordinator. Weddings are such a unique event that all of your family should be able to enjoy without the stress of making sure everything goes according to plan. They can also be very stressful due to everything that goes into making the day so special. If a person is not on point with their timing, structure, and vendor interactions it is easy for them to ignore a critical item or have the couple’s expectations fall short. With a professional coordinator by your side, you are more likely to have a headache-free, fun day! 

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