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5 Strategies to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

5 Strategies to Keep Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are a blast! And they create some STUNNING photos you’ll cherish for years to come. But there is no escaping the cruel reality that you and your guests may be stuck out in the heat for a period of time. 

In this blog, we discuss 5 ways you can help your guests handle the heat and enjoy every bit of your summer wedding.


1. Pick Your Venue Wisely.

Consider indoor wedding venues (especially during the heat of the day). Always imagined celebrating outdoors? Perhaps you can host your wedding ceremony in the cool AC and bring the party outside for a night-time reception. 

Choose a waterfront wedding venue. Nearby rivers or other bodies of water can create cool breezes that your guests will welcome on a warm summer’s day.

Book your wedding venue later in the day. If an outdoor wedding ceremony is non-negotiable, consider scheduling your wedding for the evening to avoid the midday temperature peak.

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2. Set a Weather-Friendly Dress Code.

Choose a casual dress code. A casual dress code opens up a wide variety of light and airy clothing options, such as sundresses for women and polos and khaki shorts for men. 

Suggest or provide protective accessories. Print your names on some sunglasses or parasols, and you have the perfect warm-weather wedding favors.


3. Offer LOTS of Refreshments.

Set up water stations. Champagne may be the star of the night. But the more you can do to encourage guests to drink water, the better. Don’t forget to make water readily available during the ceremony! 

Have fun with cocktails. Serve unique, refreshing cocktails to cool your guests off and get their minds off of the heat.

Opt for frozen desserts instead of cake. Not much of a cake person? Serve ice cream or popsicles instead or in combination with your wedding cake.


4. Provide Cool-Off Kits.

Place hand-held fans on every seat. Help your guests stay cool with personal fans featuring your names, wedding colors, or even a photo of you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Give out personal misting bottles. Fill small spray bottles with water and some fresh herbs – such as lavender, rosemary, or mint – and give one to each guest. 

Place sunscreen in bathroom baskets. Odds are, many of your guests forgot to bring their own.


5. Incorporate Indoor & Water Fun.

Plan a few reception activities indoors. From a photo scavenger hunt to a ring toss to a game of ladderball, most activities normally done outside can be modified for the indoors.

Plan some water-based play. If you don’t think your guests would mind getting a little wet, plan some fun water activities with water balloons, dunk tanks, or maybe even swimming. You bet the kids will love it!


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