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​Tips for Throwing a Stunning Fall Wedding

​Tips for Throwing a Stunning Fall Wedding
If you want to know what it takes to host a beautiful autumn wedding, you probably don’t need convincing that a fall wedding is the way to go. From the gorgeous colors of the autumn leaves and the not-too-hot and not-too-cold weather, fall weddings can be breathtaking, stylish, and comfortable.

But, planning a successful autumn wedding and reception is easier said than done. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Pick a suitable venue.

You’ll want a venue that showcases the beautiful autumn colors and matches your theme and style. Going with a rustic or harvest theme for your wedding? Consider hosting your wedding or reception at a farm, orchard, or barn venue. Love the idea of a wine-themed wedding? Vineyards and wineries are excellent fall venue options. And of course, mountain and ski resort weddings are always a stunning option. Need some help finding a fall wedding venue? We can help!

2. Choose a uniquely fall wedding dress.

With the cool autumn weather, long-sleeved dresses are an excellent choice. A fall celebration is a great reason to go with elegant lace or flowing sleeves. Your sleeve options are endless, from short to long sleeves, three-quarters length to poet sleeves. And to fit an autumn foliage theme, you can pick from countless leafy lace gowns.

3. Opt for a fall dress code.

From the bride and groom to the wedding party and guests, there are tons of options for fall wedding attire. The bride and bridesmaids can accessorize with scarves, capes, or denim jackets. The groom and groomsmen can choose from tweed suits, bow ties, denim, or dark purple or burgundy suits or tuxedos. For your guests, consider warm autumn wedding favors, like blankets or sweatshirts.

4. Embrace the foliage.

We’ve already established that autumn colors are the best, so why not incorporate them into every part of your wedding? The reds, yellows, and oranges of the leaves will make for warm and elegant centerpieces, bouquets, and backdrops. 

5. Know your fall flowers.

The rich color palette of autumn flowers can add an earthy, romantic tone to your wedding celebration. Here are some of your key fall flower options: dahlias, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, calla lilies, ranunculus, and, of course, roses!An arrangement of delicious-looking apple pies.

6. Choose a harvest theme.

Struggling to decide on a fall wedding theme? Consider embracing the harvest with farm fresh apples and pears. Not only can they serve as beautiful and colorful decorations, but they are edible and a great decor option if you’re on a budget. If you really want to take the harvest wedding theme home, incorporate hay bales or stacks and wheelbarrows full of autumn flowers and foliage.

7. Integrate rustic decorations.

Prefer a rustic theme? There are countless ways you can decorate rustic on a budget. Think what you can do with reclaimed wooden crates and pallets, metallic buckets and vases, black-and-white photo prints, greenery, mason jars, and white lights. 

8. Pies! Enough said.

Not a big fan of cake? You’re in luck! An autumn wedding celebration gives you the perfect excuse to serve pie instead. And if you think your guests would be down, you could even make the dessert potluck-style, inviting your guests to bring their favorite homemade pie to share. 

9. Serve warm drinks.

Alright! This may be the strongest perk of a fall wedding. What better way to help your guests relax and feel at home than to offer them warm coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or...wait for cider?! I’d take that over a full bar any day! Want a fall signature drink? Try a Hot Toddy or Apple Cider Mule.

10. Mooch off Thanksgiving.

Keeping with the theme of the season, you could take some cues from your family’s Thanksgiving dinner and build a menu full of your favorite Turkey Day food items. I don’t know about you, but I’d be just fine with two Thanksgiving-style feasts this fall.

11. Stage leafy portraits.

From the mountains to the colorful leafy trees, autumn provides the perfect natural backdrop for your engagement or wedding photoshoots. Just find a place with lots of trees, set a golden hour photoshoot, and you’ll capture stunning photos that you’ll cherish for years to come.

12. Let your hair down!

Literally AND figuratively! Ditch the updo; autumn can be chilly, so letting your hair loose is a great way to help you keep warm. There are a wide variety of downdo hairstyles for brides and bridesmaids to choose from. And be sure to relax and enjoy the beautiful celebration!

Throwing your fall wedding at home? Check out our tips for planning a stress-free at-home wedding . Just getting started with your wedding plans? Look through our comprehensive wedding planning guide . Need some help finding a world class wedding venue near you? Our wedding venue finder is just what you need!
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