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Photo by Douglas Gianini from Pexels

Things Every Couple Should Ask Their Wedding Venue

One of the first things couples look for once they are engaged, start planning their wedding, and have set a budget, is their ideal wedding venue. If you have already selected your special date, then we recommend contacting your potential wedding venue and asking the following questions.
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How To Choose The Perfect Beach Wedding Venue

Are you planning a destination wedding? Approximately 24 percent of all couples who are tying the knot travel to do so. It is safe to say that many couples will select a beach wedding venue for their destination wedding due to their simplicity and beauty. If you want to tie the knot while feeling the sand between your toes, listed below are some tips to get started.
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Blackout Wedding at The Plaza in New York

While planning for a wedding a good go-to phrase is to be prepared and expect the unexpected, but sometimes things happen that you would think are impossible. So what do you do when the impossible happens? Does the show go on or do you postpone? If you ask this New York couple and their family, nothing will stop them, including a major power outage.
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Photo by Jerel Hunter

All About a NC Bride’s Big Fat Amazon Wedding

The first thing you always here about weddings how expensive they can become. The average cost of a wedding in the US is $34,000, and because of that couples will be engaged for years while they and their families try to save up the money for their wedding, but one bride decided to take a different route and that saved herself thousands.
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Anniversaries and the Presents To Match

The day of your wedding is considered one of the most important days in your life, and what better way to remember such a special day than reminiscing with your loved one for years to come. Your anniversary is just as special and is hallmarked with a special gift. Check out the most important anniversaries and their gifts to match.
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Wedding Registries: Places to Register and Things You May Need

The part that a lot of couples look forward to the most when it comes to getting married is creating a wedding registry. Couples normally use the gifts from registries to create their ideal homes and receive things that they need to live. Some couples will use their registry to fund their honeymoon, and others will even use it to help purchase food.
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Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels

Pre-Marriage Counseling: Is it Right for You?

The question has been popped, you have said yes, told the family, picked a date, found a venue, and selected your bridal party. Planning is going smoothly, everything is great. Until someone, be it an older relative or that married friend, asked if you are partaking in pre-marriage counseling. At first, you brush it off.
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Image Credit: Puff n' Stuff, Orlando, Florida

Catering Your Reception While Catering to Your Guests

Nowadays it is hard to go anywhere without hearing about a new diet or a new way of eating. It seems like there’s new food to add to your diet or new food to take away almost daily. Sometimes it isn’t always followed to go with the trend, but used to avoid an allergy or because it’s the only way to eat without a negative reaction from the body.
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How to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Wedding by Andee S.

How to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Wedding

In today's day and age, social media and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly, or, as the millennials like to say, like avocado and toast. It's a fun thing to incorporate into every stage of your nuptials so far-off family and friends can participate. However, it's also easy to let the social media monster get out of hand, so having some limits around it is also a good idea.
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Friend Officiants: The Change in Wedding Ceremonies

Through the majority of the history of weddings, the ceremony was set to be a religious affair lead by a pastor, full of prayer and done in the sight of a higher power. However, in recent years ceremonies have begun to take a different route. More couples are making ceremonies more individualized, flexible, and changing the societal norms that surround weddings.
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Photo by Trung Nguyen from Pexels

Elopements: A New Trend in the Wedding Industry?

Elopement ceremonies are not what they once were. No longer does the stereotype of running away to Vegas, or going to the courthouse, have a hold on elopements. Many couples have turned eloping into a small intimate and incredibly personal event. Wedding venues across the US are now starting to provide elopement packages to try to appeal to couples being seen it as a way to save money to be used for something else, like a large party to celebrate afterward, a house, extravagant honeymoon, or just to be put into savings.
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