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The Ultimate Guide To Halo Engagement Rings by Fascinating Diamonds

Halo Engagement Rings-Fascinating Diamonds


When you start the time-honored process of shopping for an engagement ring , one among the primary varieties you’ll hear about is that the halo engagement ring — it’s become one among the foremost popular styles in recent years, to the purpose that some jewelers and trend observers call it “the halo craze.” Halo, which means a ring or a crown, is an engagement ring style during which diamonds or gems encircle a middle loose diamond. Many attribute the halo shape or design to infinite and everlasting love.


What draws customers to the halo diamond setting is that it accents center the stone of your choice making it appear larger and adds an overall sparkle and fire to the ring. In today’s economy, not many can afford large loose diamonds but with the halo setting you'll own a ring that adds the looks of an outsized loose diamond without paying additional dollars for a bigger stone. Another advantage of halo rings is that the diamond’s pavilion, bottom a part of the diamond that bridges the girdle to the culet, is visible when viewed from the side. The pavilion is important to the light performance of the diamond.


Whether you’ve received a request from your partner or a recommendation from a relative who owns a beautiful heirloom halo, Fascinating Diamonds provides a quick guide to what qualifies as a halo engagement ring, the features and benefits of a halo, and the way to pick the right one.


Different types of Halo Engagement Ring


Rollover Halo Diamond Ring


Halos don’t always need to match the center diamond exactly. In this ring’s creative display adds a rectangular frame with cropped corners encircling the radiant cut diamond in the center.  The blackened white gold on this 1.24 carat radiant cut halo engagement ring adds depth to the band and an interesting contrast to the bright white diamonds.


Eternity Hidden Halo Engagement Ring


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A hidden halo is where the halo is placed lower and tighter around the bottom of the center diamond. A discrete way of adding more diamonds without it being too loud. This 1.08 carat princess cut halo engagement rings is a perfect example with diamonds studded all over the ring shank.


Art Deco Halo Diamond Engagement Ring - Plain shank halo engagement ring

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Sometimes halos get a little avant-garde. This wreath of diamonds hugs the center stone for a floral effect, and the thin, delicate band makes this a distinct, yet tasteful ring. 


Personalized Under Halo Engagement Ring


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An under halo features a row or ring of pave set diamonds which will sit on the side or below the center stone. Whereas you’ll can view a standard halo from above, an under halo is visible from the side of the ring setting. This under halo engagement ring can be personalized with the names or initials of your loved ones which will quickly become your favorite design due to its elegance, simplicity, and timelessness.


Micropave Double Halo Engagement Rings



On the other side of the spectrum is this double halo engagement ring for the bride who feels that less is more, the double halo ring is also a dazzling way to save some dough. The diamonds are set into both halos and therefore the shank of the band to considerably complement the beauty of the center stone. A round cut center diamond will simply just have more luminosity in this halo setting style and is guaranteed to make an impression.


Celtic Halo Diamond Ring

\\Enpy03\d\Jocelyn\The Ultimate Guide To Halo Engagement Ring\New folder\Celtic Halo Diamond Ring.jpg

Although the plain shank with halo settings has been the favorite for some time, the minimalist celtic design on the elegant polished gold band arcs gently up to the diamond and its halo, ensuring the center stone gets all the attention & gives a sweet spot between extra sparkle and timeless elegance.


Delicate Halo Antique Ring


\\Enpy03\d\Jocelyn\The Ultimate Guide To Halo Engagement Ring\New folder\Delicate Halo Antique Ring.jpg


Wonder and style are aspects that are substantially showcased in this emerald cut halo engagement rings piece. The halo setting magnifies the radiance of an emerald center stone and helps it to draw in eyes and brighten a space. This effect is further refined by accented diamonds & the design on the ring gives it a vintage style artistic effect that seems to enhance the size of the center stone and halo as well as work as guiding lines that draw all attention to the center. Altogether, this band gives 1.12 carat in radiance and sends an impressive astonishment factor.


Royal Empress Ring


\\Enpy03\d\Jocelyn\The Ultimate Guide To Halo Engagement Ring\New folder\Royal Empress Ring.jpg


This shimmering style creates even more real estate for accent diamonds, meaning more glitz for the girl who loves glamour. With this style, the band of the 1.28 Carat engagement ring splits when it comes close to your center stone and halo. From the top, this setting seems like diamond and its halo are supported by two thin bands instead of one. This Split shank halo engagement ring is a popular style for its ability to catch the eye thanks to those smaller gems.


Still not sure which ring is best for you? Get in touch with our expert at Fascinating Diamonds and shop our range of halo engagement rings today.

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