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The Bachelor: A Dramatic End for Peter the Pilot

The Bachelor on ABC
The Bachelor on ABC

The Bachelor Nation was left with mixed feelings as the show’s finale aired this past Monday and Tuesday. And what were those mixed feelings about? Peter’s mother, Barbara, and her opinion of her son’s choice.


Let’s back up a bit and recap. In a twist at the end of the show, Madison left Australia before the final rose ceremony, leaving Hannah Ann the only contestant remaining. Peter had planned on proposing to Hannah Ann, but this plan was brought into question when it appeared that she would not be showing up, possibly due to cold feet and thoughts about everything that has happened in the last couple of months.


Just when we thought the show would end with no proposal at all, Hannah Ann shows up, and here’s what happened:



Peter returns home and tells his family and proposing to Hannah Ann, and mom Barbara cries tears of joy for his choice. But then it all takes a turn.


A month after the proposal Hannah Ann visits Peter, where they have a chat about their relationship. And just like the rest of this season, what happens is akin to whiplash.



Hannah Ann holds strong through the break-up and carries this strength with her and uses it while talking to Peter one more time telling the bachelor he needs to become a man.



So is this the end of the Bachelor season? According to host Chris Harrison, we are far from it.


Unknown to Peter, Chris had taken a trip down to Alabama to visit Madison and tell her the news: Peter is single.


Pulling on the heartstrings of viewers, Madison’s first response is to ask if Peter is okay, and after an attempt at trying to collect herself, she admits that she would give hers and the pilot’s relationship another chance if given the opportunity. And to Peter’s mother’s dismay, that’s exactly what happens.


Peter and Madison meet again for the first time since Madison flew to L.A after the engagement broke off, right after Hannah gave Peter a piece of her mind. They together on the couch and speak of their future. It is never said if they’re in an official relationship, only saying that they are taking it one thing at a time and that while there are obstacles, Peter’s hopeful it will last.


It was very apparent to everyone that this was not the outcome Barb was hoping for. Viewers were able to watch the mom’s reaction to everything thanks to what has been dubbed “The Barb Cam.” Eye rolling, glaring and huffing, even applauding Hannah Ann as she broke up with Peter, Barbara’s reactions to everything certainly became a crowd favorite.


When Chris asked Mama Barb for her opinion of her son’s choice, Barbara decided it was her time to unload.



When Barb ended her rant that was basically constant praise of Hannah Ann and hate for Madison, everyone was interested to see how the Alabama native would respond. In a move that had everyone starting to love her, Madison responded with grace saying “I can’t change the past, and there is a lot that is out of my control, I have love and respect for Peter, therefore I have love and respect for Peter’s family. I will never say a negative word about anyone or anything.”


To wrap up the moment of family therapy, Chris turned back to Peter’s parent to ask what will have to happen for everything to move forward, and the response even had Peter fighting back.



It will be interesting to see how Madison and Peter’s relationship moves forward now that the show is over, but it’s probably safe to say that more viewers are interested in ho Peter’s family, more importantly, his mother, will be responded to the couple.

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