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Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa – Point Clear, Alabama

Situated right on the Gulf Coast, the Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa has been a remarkable venue destination since 1847. The resort offers its guests 550 acres of stunning seaside and garden backdrops, as well as elegant (newly renovated) banquet spaces with an unmatched Southern charm. The resort’s beauty is not the only thing drawing in visitors. Steeped in Southern tradition and military history, the Point Clear venue holds special meaning for military families and history buffs. Serving as a war hospital during the Civil War and hosting key training operations during World War...
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What Are Reasonable Bridesmaid Expectations?

Before we dive in, we need you to remember two things: To the bridal party… Designing and arranging a wedding requires a LOT of work. It’s stressful. Heck, there is an entire career path built around wedding planning! The bride is managing more than her usual amount of stress, so give her a little grace! To the bride… The bridal party and groomsmen simply CANNOT drop everything for your “perfect” wedding. They are not made of money. They have jobs and other responsibilities. They love you, but they have life situations that may make it difficult for...
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Top 20 Things to Look For in a Wedding Venue

Securing the right venue is one of the first — and most important – steps of planning a flawless wedding celebration. The backdrop of your precious first day of marriage, your wedding venue needs to be remarkable and unforgettable. But what sort of traits should you look for when browsing your venue options? Here’s a list of the 20 most crucial wedding venue factors you should consider before signing a contract: 1. The Cost! More often than not, your budget is the most limiting factor when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue. Before you make the jump,...
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