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How to Plan the Most Epic Elopement

How to Plan the Most Epic Elopement

The allure of an intimate elopement with your forever partner is hard to ignore – just the two of you surrounded by nature’s beauty or exchanging your vows in a place that holds special meaning. What better way to kickstart your marriage than an adventure of a lifetime somewhere extraordinary or exotic?

Not only that, but an elopement may make the most sense financially, especially if you’re on a relatively tight budget. 

Imagine saying "I do" under a cascading waterfall, on a mountain peak at sunrise, or on a secluded beach paradise. Elopements are all about YOU and your love, and this guide will show you how to make it an epic adventure.

1. Identify the perfect destination.

Tropical paradise? Bustling city rooftop? Brainstorm with your partner to find the perfect backdrop for your vows. 

Try to narrow your search down to the specific locale before diving too deep into your venue search. Then, use our wedding venue locator tool to search for venues in your region of choice.

In addition to your personal preferences, you’ll want to do a little research on the legal requirements and necessary paperwork for a wedding at your desired location. And don’t forget to consider factors like weather, accessibility, and all potential associated costs.

2. Organize the ceremony details.

Once you’ve decided on the venue, it’s time to launch full-force into ceremony prep. Although it’s a lot less complicated when you’re considering a MUCH smaller guest list, you still need to iron out a few details, including:

- The type of ceremony (religious, non-traditional, etc.)
- The officiant (unless you can/want to “self-solemnize” your marriage)
- Your vows and ceremony readings

3. Don’t forget about photography.

One of the greatest things about an elopement is the picturesque nature of it all. Enlist a professional photographer to capture the raw emotions, the breathtaking scenery, and the unscripted moments that will become cherished heirlooms. 

Embrace adventurous angles with GoPros or drones, ensuring every facet of your extraordinary day is preserved for eternity.

It’s always a good idea to search for photo inspiration and put together a rough shot list. That way, you’ll be able to give the photographer an idea of your expectations. But resist the urge to obsess over the photos. Be flexible, let your photographer do their magic, and relish the special day with your spouse-to-be!

4. Make it an adventure!

Let your elopement be the prelude to the extraordinary adventure of marriage. 

Ski down pristine powdery slopes, hike through untamed wilderness, or bask in the serenity of a private sunrise – the world is your playground. And don’t forget to get lots of fun photos to document the whole ordeal.

We sincerely urge you to hire a local guide if you’re visiting unfamiliar territory. Not only will a guide help keep you safe from harm, but they will know all the best spots to explore.

5. Check all the legal boxes.

Here’s where things get a little tricky. 

If you’re getting married in another state, you’re going to have to get a marriage license issued in that state. While a select few states let couples sign their license and pick it up the very same day, many have a longer waiting period. This may mean spending some time in-state before your actual wedding day. 

On the other hand, if your ceremony is in an entirely different country, you’ll probably want to get “legally” married at home before you hop on a plane. Otherwise, you may have to get a special marriage visa, which can be a troublesome process in certain countries.

6. Say “I do” & honeymoon in the same place.

Seek out venues that seamlessly blend your ceremony and honeymoon, eliminating unnecessary travel and maximizing your time in paradisiacal seclusion. Revel in the luxury of having every detail meticulously curated, leaving you free to bask in the splendor of your love from the very moment you arrive.


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