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Unique Guest Book Ideas

Your wedding day is a special time where you are surrounded by everyone you love, but how do you remember everyone who was there? What if you don’t get to talk to everyone who came? Here are some unique wedding guest book ideas that'll help you make sure you know which loved ones were there on your special day.

Personalized Shadow Box
Turn your guest book as decoration for your home by using a shadow box as your guest book! Have guests sign anything that could fit into a shadow box, like wine corks, small medallions, hearts, or anything else you may think of. You can even have your shadow box personalized by having a quote, your names, or even monogram etched into the glass of the box. The possibilities are endless!

Image Credit: JustForYouVinyl

Postcards are a great idea when it comes to your guest book because they can be used to create adventures in your life. Purchase postcards for various places in the country or world and allow your guests to use the postcard to tell you where to go on vacation or for a quick adventure. They can even write a message to you and your significant other.

Image Credit: Sweetchic Events

This is a fairly new trend, but it has quickly taken off. If you and your significant other love game nights then this guest book is for you! Set out Jenga blocks for your guests to write their names and a message on. After that, you will have your very own personalized Jenga game that will help you remember everyone who made your day so special!

Polaroid Pictures
A great way to remember guests is to take photos of them and put them in your wedding book, but how do you make sure that you get photos of everyone? Why not let them help you by having them do it? Set up polaroid cameras with extra film and markers. Have your guests snap a picture of themselves, then tape the picture into a scrapbook with colorful washi tape. You can even make sure they have room to write their names and a message to you beside the picture!

Image Credit: Golden Hour Studio

Guest Quilt

A quilt is a fantastic keepsake that could be used either as decoration or to keep you warm and cozy, so why not have one that is made with love? You can either have the quilt made beforehand and hang it on a wall or have quilt squares sitting on a table. Supply your guests with fabric markers and let them make your quilt special by writing heartfelt messages to you and your significant other.

Image Credit: Aprons N' Bows

Messages in a Bottle
Have your guests write messages of advice, love, date ideas, or anything else you may want them to and have them placed in a bottle that you can put anywhere in your home. Revisit the messages on your anniversary, when you need an idea for a date, or if you just want to brighten your day.

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Holiday Decorations
When it comes to a couples' first Christmas together, there really is much money that can be used on decorations, but this problem could be solved by using ornaments as your guest book! Purchase glass ornaments in the colors you would want on your tree, paint markers, and sharpies, and let your guest draw, sign, and leave a message on the ornaments. The ornaments will be a great way to remember your wedding day for years to come!

Image Credit: One Fine Day Wedding Consultation Blog

Wedding Picture Frame/Wall Art
After a wedding is done and over, most couples will either sell, store, or get rid of most of the decorations and items that were a part of their wedding day, but some couples are deciding to incorporate the wedding into their everyday life and the guest book is a great place to start. Using some scrap wood and maybe old picture frame, any couple can create this DIY masterpiece and make their very own guest book that is also a piece of art, or a picture frame, for their house.

Image Credit: BB Signs & Designs

Vinyl Records/Musical Instruments
For music lovers, a great guest book idea that could turn into a decoration for your home is to use old vinyl records or old instruments like guitars and drums. You could even make the vinyl records or instruments special by making them the songs you danced to at your wedding or by using your first ever guitar/drum set!

Image Credit: Bridal Stock
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