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Which Season is Right for Your Wedding?

Image Credit: Mountain Springs Lodge

Dreaming of a white wedding? Hearing the waves crash against the shore as the sun beams down? What about breathing in the autumn air with mountains towering above you in the background? Or even colorful flowers blooming around you in a quiet garden? Regardless of what you want, when it is time to plan your wedding you have to know the time of year and season you want to be in. Here are some tips on how to choose which season is right for you and your wedding.

Extreme Weather

Can’t stand the heat? Hate the cold? Scared of being snowed in or rained out? Then you might want to avoid the seasons that tend to have more extreme weather and temperatures, like summer and winter. Summer is known for its unexpected thunderstorms that can wash an area out in a matter of minutes, and winter can have pretty bad snow and ice storms that can cause people to miss big events because they can’t get out of their driveway. Many people choose to have their wedding during the spring or autumn seasons because of the more mild temperatures and fewer chances to be put on hold due to weather.

Your Preferences

Image Credit: Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

Do you love doing things outdoors and want to incorporate that into your wedding? Looking to have a bonfire or play in the snow? Do you like when it gets dark early, or do you want the sun out as long as possible? Your preferences have a large influence on the time of year you will pick for your wedding. Think about what you like and what you want to incorporate and use that to make a decision.

Your Colors and the Season

The color palette of your wedding can also help determine what time of year your special day is suited for. If you are going for colors, like blues, dark greens, and ruby reds you may be more suited for winter. Browns, oranges, golds, reds, and navy are usually associated with the autumn season. Bright bold colors like teal, fuschia, and bright green are perfect for summer, and spring is usually associated with purple, peach, and pale pink. Whatever colors you choose, make sure they coincide with the time of year you’re looking at. If you need any color ideas, click here the check out our palette ideas.

The Venue and The Season

Image Credit: O'Malley's On The Green

While some venues are open year round, others tend to only open during peak times of the year. This is mainly because they are able to give their absolute best during those seasons. Make sure your venue is open during the time of year you are looking, and make sure to take a look at pictures of it during that time of year. Some venues look better in warmer times of the year and others look better during cooler times.

The Flowers

While you can get any type of flower year round, flowers that are in season are cheaper. If you choose flowers that grow during the same season you have your wedding, they are more likely to be grown locally and do not have to be shipped in from another area. This will save you money in one of the most expensive areas of your budget. Check out our Pinterest board on flowers that are often used in weddings.

What to Wear

Image Credit: Sanderling Resort

The time of year will also help you decide what your bridal party and your guests should wear. If you choose to have your wedding in the summer or spring, you do not want your guests or bridal party in anything heavy, long, or thick. Short dresses and thinner shirts and shoes with less of a heel will help everyone stay cool, comfortable, and will help avoid anyone overheating. Weddings in the winter or fall are the best times for full suits, long dresses, and thicker materials. Winter and fall weddings are perfect for more formal outfits, so it is fairly common to see a lot of black tie weddings during the cooler times of the year.

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