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When Wedding Vendors Go Rouge

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Select Your Vendors with Care

Your vendor has upped their prices yet again!  You were so impressed with them at the bridal fair.  You couldn't believe that the price quote they gave you was so low.  You agreed to work with them immediately, but now that you are waist deep into wedding planning, they seem to have changed overnight.  The price they originally quoted is now double? What's that about?  The friendly vendor from the wedding expo is now slow to return your calls and has an attitude when you do get the chance to speak.  What happened?  Are these unethical business practices or is something else going on here?

Consider this bride...

Betty Bride attends a wedding expo and finds a lovely florist whose work is stunning.  She looks through an online gallery of the florist's work and makes several flower selections based on the pictures in the gallery.  The florist prices out the flowers and Betty Bride is thrilled.  She lays down a deposit on the spot.  In her excitement about getting all of her vendors sourced in one day at the expo, Betty brushes off the florist's follow up questions and hurries off to see the rest of the expo.

A month before the wedding, Betty calls the florist to check in, ask about the centerpieces she ordered, as well as arrange for the final payment.  The florist is confused because she just has an order for cut flowers on record for Betty.  Betty is also confused because what she chose at the bridal expo were floral arrangements in vases.  The florist explains that vases are extra.  Betty agrees but is irritated by the price increase. Betty then asks when to expect a team from the flower shop to come and set the centerpieces out in the venue.  The florist is getting testy by now and says that service was not ordered either. She explains that the prices listed in the online gallery were for flowers only. Delivery and set up would require an additional fee.  Betty hears anger in the florist's tone.  

Both parties feel like the other is trying to take advantage of them.  Betty feels angry and cheated because the arrangements she thought she was getting for $50 each are now $150 per arrangement.  She ordered 10 and is now way over budget!  You see how this could lead her to believe that the florist was being unethical and trying to trick her into paying higher prices.  From the florist's perspective, Betty Bride was asking for top-shelf service for rock bottom prices. She is resentful about it and it is affecting her customer service.

This situation could be completely avoided if Betty knew the right questions to ask her florist from the beginning.  So, before you get in too deep with a vendor here is a cheat sheet that will save you time and lots of stress!

About the author:

Hope Venetta, of the Stress Free Bride, shares insider event planning secrets based on 25 years of experience. She couples event planning know-how with coping skills learned through Peer Counseling training and study in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Hope assists couples as they navigate what research calls one of the top 10 most stressful things a person experiences - getting married. Couples learn from Hope through live events, webinars, and online courses.

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