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A Hurricane Couldn't Stop This Couple’s Texas Wedding! | Sarah and RJ

Sarah and RJ's Wedding Story

Sarah and RJ spent two years planning their wedding, and six weeks before they were to say, “I do,” Hurricane Harvey hit as a category 4 Hurricane overnight. Sarah, from Rockport Fulton, Texas, always had the dream of getting married on the Rockport Beach, by her pastor from her hometown church – the same pastor who married her parents and baptized her sister and her. The devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought, was, and still is heartbreaking for her hometown, Rockport.

After being mandatorily evacuated for the storm, they were allowed, two days after the storm, to come check on their homes and properties. Sarah says of the devastation, “My whole family came, and as we were driving down the streets, it looked like a war zone. The National Guard was walking the streets in uniform, parking lots were filled with donation products, sleeping bags and tents were along the roads of people who had lost everything. My family was very fortunate; they had minimal damage to their homes and businesses.” It was then that the couple knew they had to discuss what to do about their long-awaited wedding day. They wanted to help their beloved town get back on its feet, but it was clear that bringing more than 250 people in for a wedding would be more disrespectful than helpful in a time like this.

Not wanting to wait any longer to become husband and wife, they looked for available venues outside of Rockport. Luckily, Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, TX had availability. The couple immediately drafted a letter to all their loved ones letting them know of the location change, and apologized for any hardship it may have caused. The staff at the Tower was incredible. Sarah says, "It seemed as though they dropped everything to help us plan our special day in JUST four weeks. All I cared about was being outside, so we got creative on how to accomplish that. The fountains at the base of the Tower are beautiful, and our wedding day was perfect…. well, almost.”

The Perfect Wedding Day at Last

So, what else could go wrong besides having to move an entire wedding to a new location within less than four weeks?! 

Sarah’s pastor from Rockport was unable to make the drive due to illness, so the couple had a back-up last minute pastor for the ceremony. Directly before the ceremony, Sarah received a text from the back-up pastor letting her know she would be 45 minutes late due to a flat tire. Fifteen minutes after the pastor’s phone call, came another call alerting the couple that their band was on lockdown at their event from earlier that day due to an active shooter on the base. The caller confirmed everyone was safe and would be there as soon as they could. Lots of surprises right before the ceremony – whew!  So, what to do, next? The couple plugged in a laptop and got the party started anyway!

Sarah shares a few of her favorite moments of their big day:
“My dad and I headed up the steps above the fountains as he walked me to my happily ever after. I will never forget the moment right before they started playing music, when I looked at my dad, grabbed his hand and told him how much I loved him. We stood there for a minute crying, and then it was like I was a little girl again. We began walking and talked and laughed the whole way down the aisle, almost forgetting that everyone was looking at us. We took a stroll down memory lane as he walked me into my future. Halfway through the ceremony right after RJ and I lit our unity candle, we went back to say, 'I Do," but while the pastor was speaking, our eyes locked, and simultaneously we both said, 'You’re stuck!' We busted out laughing, and everyone close to us who could hear joined in.”

The ceremony and reception turned out beautiful, the band showed up, the food was amazing, the couple greeted all their friends and family who attended, ate the most delicious cake and rolled some cigars. When 10:00pm rolled around, the couple was not ready to be done celebrating yet! Bride Sarah, says, “It was a wild ride getting to this day, and I wasn’t ready to take off my dancing shoes… or flip flops. So RJ and I let everyone know we weren’t done and told them after the sparklers, grab a drink and meet us back on the dance floor!” The newly weds ran through what seemed like a football field of sparklers and took a ride around the parking lot in a horse drawn carriage. The couple says they were the very last ones to leave their own party around 1:00am!

We are SO glad their big day turned out to be everything they dreamed of, even after so many last-minute surprises!
Congratulations to Sarah and RJ –  What an amazing story! 

Wedding Day Details

Venue: Tower of the Americas

Photographer: Kaptured by Kay Photography by Kalyn Fuller

Baker: Simply Sinful Bakery, Rockport Fulton, TX  

Makeup Artist: Bride, Sarah

Hair Stylist: Layla Perez at Truesdell Salon & Spa

Caterer: Chart House by Landrys

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