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North Carolina couple withstands Hurricane Florence through wedding day- Devin & Barney Joe

Devin and Barney Joe spent almost a year of planning of what their perfect day would look like. An outdoor venue, DIY centerpieces, the caterer, the cake, every detail was thought of and planned. The relaxed bride and supportive groom would then have a storm throw a wrench in their perfect plans.  With unpredictable North Carolina weather, a hurricane predicted its path right toward their special day. One minute hurricane Florence shifted north, then south, then back and forth to where the stress levels continued to rise. How would the rented tents and sand bags withstand such predicted winds? Would their guest get soaked in the downpour? Would there be power and a dinner for the guests? All of the “what ifs” were talked about and discussed up until 3 days before the wedding when the couple realized a change in location would be crucial if they wanted to keep their special date.
They were happy to find the gorgeous venue, Rock of Ages Winery, that was able to hold the ceremony and reception inside. Even though they had to pull some strings with such short notice, everything came together at the last minute.

Rock of Ages Winery is a beautiful winery designed in an Old English style with hints of Italian and Western lodge influences. This symphony of natural colors and textures is surrounded by 26 acres of vineyards and a four acre lake.



Wedding day
When Devin walked in the venue the day of her wedding, she was moved to tears how everything looked and how hard her family had worked to bring it all together. She had her amazing bridesmaids beside her, a handsome groom to marry, and a family that traveled through the storm to help them celebrate.
As the ceremony began and everything was in place, no one would have ever imagined that the couple’s last minute changes ever took place. It all came together as if this was where it was planned out all along. The burgundy color dresses, the flowers, the cake, and the perfect indoor venue will forever be remembered.




The Reception
The centerpieces were hand crafted and created by sticks from the bride’s parent’s home. The flowers added to the top of each collection created a special look that caught everyone’s attention. The time put into such table décor was painful as the bride left with blisters on her hands, but the end product was perfect as they added a gorgeous touch to each table in the venue.


The rain had even held off that evening, so the photographer could capture some outdoor photos on the beautiful terrace overlooking the winery. The cloudy evening turned out to be a romantic feel as the bride and groom took some of their favorite photos outdoors. The beauty of this venue portrays all the rock and stone, which could translate strength and determination through any storm. No hurricane could stop this couple’s love, dedication and commitment to each other on their special day.




And They Were Dancing
Speical dances with the couple and family as they celebrated such love and commitment. The first dance was speical as Devin and Barney Joe danced to All of Me, by John Legend. You could sense their connection and love all across the room. 


Words from the beautiful bride:
“My patience was tested, my love for my family and husband too. But most of all my faith was tested. I couldn't be happier than I am right now and I will forever have a story for the grandkids.”
We are so glad that everything turned out so beautifully for this couple. Your love can withstand any storm.
Congratulations to Devin and Barney Joe!

Wedding Day Details

Venue: Rock of Ages Winery, Hurdle Mills, NC
Wedding Director: Liz Goodwin

Photographer: Mirka Photography

Baker: Suzie Q CakesDurham, NC

Makeup Artist: Katy Doss

Hair Stylist: Marsha Walsh, First Impressions Hair Design

Caterer: City BBQ, Durham, NC
DJ: DJ Hollywood

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