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Bride Rewears Wedding Dress in 33 Countries


Let’s be real: wedding dresses are expensive. Nowadays brides pay can pay thousands of dollars for a dress to only wear it for a day. But one bride decided that one time was not enough and that her Watters wedding gown was staying out of storage for just a little while longer.

On their first date, Zoe and Nick joked about the idea of global wedding photos and that if things worked out they would travel the world together. The dream started to become reality in 2017 when the couple got married. After they tied the knot the couple quit their jobs, extended their honeymoon, and began their 10-month long journey around the world.



Together the couple visited nearly three dozen countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and documented the journey on their Instagram page @MarryMeInTravel. Zoe made sure to experience each new place and the gorgeous scenery while wearing an equally gorgeous gown.

“From the moment I bought my wedding dress, people hesitantly asked me to see it," Zoe explained via one of the account's posts. "Picking up on their nervousness I’d reply, 'I’m only wearing it for one day so might as well show everyone and get a little more out of it'....And then it clicked. Who says I can only wear this dress for one day? Why can’t I bring the dress that makes me feel the most beautiful to the most beautiful places around the world with us?"
MarryMeInTravel-Indian Ocean

Even Nick would join the fun and could be seen in some photos alongside Zoe sporting his Boss maroon jacket that he also wore on their special day.
Countries the couple visited include: France, Germany, Thailand, China, India, Greece, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Montenegro, Switzerland, Seychelles, Singapore, Austria, LiechtensteinFiji, Maldives, Mauritius, Croatia, Ibiza, Amsterdam, and Malaysia.

MarryMeInTravel-Cape Town
MarryMeInTravel-Taj Mahal
MarryMeInTravel-Mount Everest
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