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Valentine's Day News Special

Restaurant Rewards Couples with Group Wedding

Primanti Bros.

Today, popular sandwich shop chain Primanti Bros. is giving couples a chance to receive the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift--an all-expenses-paid group wedding and reception. Known as their “Love at First Bite” campaign, Primanti Bros. management is encouraging couples to declare their love for one another with fries and slaw.

"Sometimes folks – mainly guys – don't need the added pressure of an expensive restaurant when they are trying to pop the question," Paul Salupo, operations manager for Primanti Bros. said, "Here, they can have fun, a great meal, and a free, catered wedding ceremony to boot. It's a no brainer."

After letting management know the plan, couples will be taking their sweethearts to any Primanti Bros. location in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio or West Virginia, getting down on one knee, and declaring their love and popping the question! After the big yes, couples are encouraged to celebrate with an “Almost Famous” sandwich while they’re receiving details about their upcoming summer wedding.

The group wedding ceremony will be held in summer 2019, and be officiated by Toni Haggerty, the chain's brand ambassador. The group wedding will include a catered reception and other special surprises.

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Scotty McCreery's “This Is It” reaches no. 1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay

How appropriate is it that a love song be no. 1 near Valentine’s Day? Scotty McCreery’s 2018 hit song “This Is It” is continuing to see success in 2019 by reaching number 1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. McCreery wrote the song for his now wife Gabi and sang it at their June 2018 wedding.
"Two weeks before I proposed, we wrote 'This Is It' as a love song for Gabi," McCreery tells Billboard. "It's our story. If the song existed solely for she and I, that would be completely fine with me. But to have our story on the radio and then reach No. 1 on the Billboard chart just makes my heart sing. Gabi is my world, she inspires me every day, and I think people can feel the realness of our love story when they listen to the song and watch the video. The fact that so many couples are now using 'This' in their own weddings gives me chills."
Watch the music video:


Piston’s Dancer Says Yes after Epic Proposal

Fans who were attending the Detroit Pistons game versus the Washington Wizards Monday night were in for a surprise when a timeout in the third quarter became an epic dance that ended with a life-changing question.

Piston’s Extreme Team member Ryan, lead a choreographed dance to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” After landing an incredible backflip, Ryan adorned a blazer, grabbed the ring, and got down on one knee to ask girlfriend and Piston’s dance team member Jenn, for her hand. How could she say anything but yes? And of course, the night ended happily with the Pistons defeating the Wizards 121-112.

Watch the epic dance proposal:

Where are you more likely to find love?
Have you ever heard that where you live could potentially affect your chances of finding love? According to a study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, Virginia is not for lovers. It is actually Mississippi, Wisconsin and Utah that are the states for romance.

Two researchers conducted survey studies on over 127,000 who answered questions about attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance. The answers were on a 7 point scale. The lower the overall score, the better those people are likely to fare in relationships.

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