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In the News: The Voice Competitor Gets More Than One Yes, Saying I Do to the Right One, and The Bachelor Changes the Game

The Voice Contestant Receives More Than One Yes

We all know how it feels to have one life-changing question answered, but what about two? The Voice competitor Denton Arnell can answer that with complete confidence. During his blind audition on the show, Arnell received his first yes from John Legend after singing Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” While celebrating on stage, he asked the judges if his girlfriend, Tiffany, could join him on stage.

“Is it okay if I just share this moment with my girlfriend?” Arnell asked the coaching panel (John Legend, along with Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton ). Soon, Tiffany was whisked onto the stage.

“So, being that (Legend) gave me a 'yes,' I wanted to see if Tiffany would give me a 'yes,'” Arnell said and pulled a ring out of his pocket.

After a slight headbutt due to overexcitement (and Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton doubling over in laughter and embarrassment) the second yes of the night came for Arnell.

Check out the video:

Saying I Do To The Right One

Divorce and separation are always hard, but having a strong support system always helps, especially if part of the support system is your best friend. Brittany Wright and Tyler Tipps found comfort in one another after Brittany's husband asked to split up and Tyler's wife left him on the same day. For 70 days the two were constantly there for one another until their divorces were settled, and afterward, they finally got to be together. Not long after the two were married, finally saying I Do to the right one.
To check out the video where they tell their story, click here.

Recap: The Bachelor Changes the Rules of the Game

This season of The Bachelor has been one full of surprises, and the finale was definitely one to remember. Not only was this the first season to showcase a bachelor is a virgin, but it is also the first season to end without a proposal. After a break-up with one of the contestants, Bachelor Colton Underwood was left in an emotional state, causing him to jump a fence and run into the night. After being found, Underwood said he was quitting the show, which means breaking up with the two other women and spending the rest of his time trying to win back the girl who broke his heart, Cassie Randolph. This meant telling her that they didn't have to get engaged, and they could just date until Randolph was just as in love with him as he is her.

After the past few seasons of the show, Underwood's approach is a breath of fresh air, and viewers hope that this is the start to a lot of changes to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The only way to know for sure is continuing to tune in and find out.

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