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Bouquets & Centerpieces Made of Wood

Sola Wood Flowers

Ever thought of decorating your wedding and reception with flowers made from wood? It is a unique idea and we are so impressed with these flowers! Sola Wood Flowers offers a variety of assortments and arrangements that you can have shipped right to you in time for your special day. Not having to worry about flowers wilting or dying, they are an amazing keepsake and they look amazing too!  


How can it be?


Sola wood comes from a tapioca plant root. Poinsettias plants also belong in this plant family. The tapioca plant is known by cassava, manioc, arrowroot. Cassava (Tapioca) plants grow in tropical climates. These plants are drought resistent and withstand hot temperatures.This plant is not meant to be ingested unless it is processed. Once processed, the tapioca plant is used for several different types of foods throughout the world!

The Process

Once the root is cut and peeled, the sola wood may be cut into thin layers for creating flowers. The process is very time consuming, as no machinery is used and every root is cut and peeled by hand. Once crafted into the shape and size of a flower, it can be dyed to match the color scheme or decor.


The Story

It all began after a dance recital when the owner realized there weren't any availabe flowers for purchase. She began to create and sell beautiful arrangements, all to be left on the floor and in the trash year after year at these recitals.  This gave her a vision of her future and she began researching wood flowers. After a year of trial and error, she landed a pitch in front of Shark Tank and was able to sell her business she had created at that time. She then started up Sola Wood Flowers and is the sole owner with 25 employees. The Bowman Family is grateful for the journey that led them to where they are today.

Online Orders for Your Wedding 

Ordering has never been easier with Sola Wood Flowers. You can place your order online, chat with an expert if you have questions, and expect your delivery within 3-5 days! They offer suggestions on how to protect and arrange your seletions as well.

Wholesale pricing is also available as well as coupons and BOGO deals. 


To find out more about Sola flowers, visit their landing page on our website HERE.


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