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A Dream Wedding at Bishop's Gate Hotel in Derry, Ireland


Dreaming of a gorgeous wedding in Derry, Ireland?  This wedding venue is simply stunning and will accomodate all your wedding dreams!
Every inch of this venue is gorgeous! Charm, style, and romance. No matter what style or theme you desire, anything can be made possible at Bishop's Gate Hotel. Chosing a venue can be difficult when you and your finance' prefer different settings. When it comes to Bishop's Gate Hotel, everyone can be accomodated so it's a win win for the couple! If you are dreaming of getting married in Ireland, then this is the perfect location.
This perfect hotel is positioned within historic city walls right in the middle of Derry City's Cathedral Quarter. It was built in 1899 so it has a unique blend of Edwardian architecture and rich hereitage that takes you back to that time period. Some restoration has been made to add a contemporary look but has never lost the orginial charm from the very beginning. This venue features 31 luxurious guestrooms including a restaurant, champagne and cocktail bar, and a beautiful ballroom. The ballroom can accomodate 90 guests while providing captivating entertainment, character, and enjoyment. The Bishop's Gate Hotel upholds only the best for ratings and satisfaction for each guest that arrives. With so much history and charm, you won't want to miss out on such a grand venue for your perfect day!

Once you are committed to this venue, a team of dedicated wedding directors will help bring your vision to reality. You will be the center of attention and catered to throughout your wedding day. The grand staircase is an added bonus for your stunning wedding photos as well as the entire hotel. 

Sightseeing right around this hotel is also amazing and will add to the experience for you and your guest. 
To find out more info about The Bishop's Gate Hotel, click HERE


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