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Micro-weddings: The Next Big Thing?

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Weddings have always been diverse in terms of colors, decorations, food, dresses, and cultural significance, but now, they are starting to become more diverse in terms of types of weddings as well. Recent events have caused an uprise in elopements, the creation of drive-thru weddings and virtual weddings, and is now causing a boom in what is known as micro-weddings.

So what exactly is a micro-wedding? 

A micro-wedding is basically a typical wedding ceremony and reception, but it is usually less than 50 people. The guest list is usually immediate family and the couples closest friends.

Is this another word for elopement?

Elopements are usually less than 10 people and most of the time it is just the couple, two witnesses, and an officiant. Elopements are sometimes planned out and at other times are more spur of the moment. Micro-weddings are normally still a regular wedding with a ceremony and reception, they are just smaller than the average affair.

What about a Minimony?

Minimonies, or mini ceremonies, are usually only a ceremony to ensure that you have the anniversary date you desire to have. They are normally followed up with a larger more formal wedding at a later date or by a large reception.

So why are micro-weddings so popular?

Most couples getting married nowadays only want those they are close to at their wedding. It makes the day much more intimate and personal, and much more memorable for everyone. It is also incredibly cost-effective and great for those who have smaller budgets. Choosing to have a micro-wedding could also avoid extra drama over the guest list.

Are there things to consider if wanting to have a micro-wedding?

There are certain factors that will still need to be considered. A lot of venues and vendors have minimum requirements that must be met, and this usually includes the number of guests. The typical minimum is usually around 100 guests, so if looking to have a micro-wedding with venues and vendors, make sure to ask if there are any minimums that must be met.

Couples considering a micro-wedding still need to make sure they follow the normal steps of a regular wedding. Make sure to set up a budget and stick to it. Plan ahead, and even consider hiring an event planner. Even if it is smaller, an event planner can still take a lot of stress of the couple and plan everything out and contact vendors for the couple.

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