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The Future of the Wedding Industry: What Happens Now

Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

With summer around the corner and many places slowly coming out of quarantine, many in the wedding industry are asking the same question: What now?

Stay-at-home orders and quarantine have shaken the wedding and event industry, most areas allowing less than 10-25 to gather, causing couples to postpone or even cancel their big day. Some vendors and venues were able to help find creative ways to make sure the show went on. Drive-thru weddings and micro-weddings becoming a popular “Plan B” for couples who wanted to go ahead and say “I do,” and celebrate with their closest family and friends. Some couples found their own creative ways to have their special day and having everyone involved by using programs like Zoom to have their entire guest list attend virtually. And other couples who decided it would be best to wait still found their own ways to have fun, like creating wedding ceremonies is video games like Animal Crossing.

Many venues and vendors have done what they can to turn the downtime in their usually busy season into a positive for them. Regrouping, rebranding, and completely transforming their businesses and gearing up for either the rest of the 2020 season or for the 2021 season. So what exactly do these businesses have to do to get ready for the rest of 2020 and the new year?

People are more concerned about their health than ever before, and because of this, it is more than likely that couples will want to start considering health while planning their weddings. They may become more concerned with how sanitary the venue is and the vendors they choose. They will probably want to make sure their venue has lots of space so people can spread out and practice social distancing. Many venues may be preparing for this in their own way by decreasing their guest limits. Venues that allow outside vendors may start looking into in-house vendors or restrict the vendors that they allow in order to optimize their efforts in ensuring their guests’ safety. Hand Sanitizer will also become a staple item in venues so it is readily available to guests.

Some businesses will more than likely see increases in the number of couples who are more interested in smaller packages or venues that have a smaller capacity to accommodate their smaller guest lists. Many couples may also inquire if the venue has the capabilities of broadcasting their ceremony through Zoom or other software so that those who are home can still attend the wedding.

Another thing that venues may also be considering is weekday ceremonies and packages allowing ceremonies one day and receptions on another. This will allow for those who are closest, and possibly more susceptible, to be there for the ceremony, and for others to celebrate with the couple at the reception.

The pandemic was definitely an unforeseen event that has shaken the wedding world, but it is something that can be overcome as time goes on and as businesses settle into the new norm. The most important thing for any couple to remember is that their wedding day is the first of many wonderful events to occur in their new life together and to look forward to those just as much, or even more, than their wedding day itself.

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