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Sentimental First Dance & Romantic European Honeymoon

Amaris & Wesley

On November 10, 2018, Amaris & Wesley started their forever together. They were high school sweethearts and their love story is very special. The couple met at age 16 and went to Senior Prom together. At the exact same location as their prom, they also shared in their first dance as husband and wife. They  even danced to the same song which was “I’ll Be” by
Edwin McCain. This was a very special moment for this sweet couple.

The first special moment of the day was that the bride's father arranged for there to be a
horse-drawn carriage ride for just them before the ceremony. It was such a sweet time to spend
with her dad before he walked her down the aisle. They even had police escorts to close off the
road! It was a time where she truly felt like royalty with her original prince.


The second special moment that stood out to the bride was when she and her groom washed each other’s feet during the ceremony.  As soon as they started washing each other’s feet, Wesley became emotional. He
could barely see enough to finish washing his bride's feet. But for both of them, it meant so much. It
signified how Christ humbled himself and served those around him, and for this couple, it showed how
they'll put all else aside to submit and serve each other.


The Vows

First Dances

The bride's first tears of the day came from dancing with her dad. She had done a good job of
holding it back until that moment. Amaris says she will always cry when it comes to dad; a daddy's girl.


Wes and his mom danced to “You’ll be in My Heart” from Tarzan. He’s definitely a
momma’s boy, so it was one of the sweetest moments of the day to many.


Love and Laughter

There was much laughter and joy throughout the day. From the couple's porkie pup, Mushu rolling around in dog poop right before the wedding, to the car not being ready after the sparkler send off, the couple has many wonderful memories from their day. 



First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes: Italy, Switzerland, & France!


What a magical honeymoon! The newlyweds flew into Rome, Italy, traveled north in a car and stopped in Venice, Verona, and Milan. After that, took a train to Switzerland where they visited Basel, Bern, and Lucerne. They also took a train to Paris, France. The entire honeymoon was filled with places they had never seen and unreal amounts of history. Amaris and Wesley both had always wanted to go to Italy, but officially made that decision when they came across letters they had written each other years ago! They had always dreamed about going to Italy for their honeymoon. 

A special moment for the bride and groom happened when they stumbled across a Christmas Market in Basel, Switzerland. It was like a Christmas wonderland. They walked around the markets while drinking hot mulled cider and eating warm nutella waffles. For sure one of the highlights for them!

Seeing the Eiffel Tower was pretty surreal. It’s much bigger in person and truly is one of the seven wonders of the world.


And they lived "Happily Ever After."

Congratulations to this lovely couple!

Venue: Roxboro Community School
Photographer: Blake Hogge Photography 
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