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10 Tips for a Beautiful At-Home Wedding

10 Tips for a Beautiful At-Home Wedding

There are many benefits to at-home weddings. Couples can spend more time with each of their guests and add their own special sentiment to the celebration. At-home weddings are perfect for couples who are nostalgic, have smaller guest lists, hope to incorporate their furry friends into the celebration, or want to avoid the limitations of a venue.

Though a wedding at home may seem like a more laid-back option, this is rarely the case. At-home weddings require extensive planning and preparation. Check out our tips for hosting a flawless at-home celebration.

1. Strategize with space.

Space is probably the biggest factor to consider when planning a wedding in your own home. Not only will you need to find space for the ceremony, but you’ll need to determine spaces for guests to park, eat dinner, sit, dance, and much more. Try to use both indoor and outdoor spaces to create a logical flow through your home by hosting certain events — ceremony, cocktails and apps, dancing, etc. — in different areas.

2. Embrace the charm of your home.

Your home is bound to have a special charm unique to you and your family. Take advantage of that! Use the spaces that hold special meaning and incorporate your home’s remarkable features — your elegant dining table for dinner or your hardwood floors for a dance floor. Accentuate the beauty of your home and surrounding landscape with strategic floral design and decoration.

3. Don’t forget the logistics.

This is a step that is commonly overlooked. You’ll need to check on some logistics. What are the local noise ordinance requirements? Do you need to buy a permit for street parking? If there’s not enough room for parking around your home, how will you transport your guests to the celebration? Will your officiant be able to perform the ceremony at your home? Has your home been inspected by an electrician and the fire department? Have you notified your insurance company about the event? Do your neighbors know what to expect?

4. Plan the equipment.

From serving food to powering the lights in the tent, even to offering good bathroom options, it’s necessary for you to secure all the right equipment for your big day. You may need to rent extra coolers, roasters, and grills for the catering. A generator is a must! Without one, you likely won’t be able to light up your tent or provide power for the caterer. Portable bathrooms are also pretty important; septic tanks aren’t made out for that many flushes!

5. Create a weather plan.

Ideally, your big day will come and go without unwanted weather, but just to be safe, you should make a weather plan. Is there enough room indoors for the ceremony, dinner, and dancing? Where will you host each part of the celebration if you have to move indoors? How much weather can your Rent-a-Tent handle? When you send out invitations, you may consider including an alternate venue address and a phone number in case plans change.

Where are you going to host your at-home wedding dinner? You have options. You can set up tables inside or in your yard.

6. Think smart with catering.

Thinking about providing your own catering? You’ll have a lot to worry about for your big day, so adding self-catering to the list may not be your best option. You could save yourself and your loved ones from extra stress by hiring a professional catering company. But if you do choose to take on the challenge, be sure to check out our tips for a self-catered wedding.

7. Designate set-up & clean-up crews.

Whether you ask your loved ones for help or hire professionals, you’ll need an eager and willing crew to help you prepare your home for the ceremony and reception. And don’t forget the clean-up! The last thing you’ll want to do after the perfect party is pack up all the delicious food and beautiful decorations yourself.

8. Know the lay of the land.

Backyard wedding celebrations can be absolutely gorgeous. But they don’t just happen magically. You’ll have to determine your maintenance and landscaping needs way ahead of time. Is your backyard flat enough to put the dance floor directly on the ground, or will you need to lay a foundation? Do you need to revamp your flowerbed? What flowers should you plant to ensure they will bloom on your big day?

9. Reserve dressing rooms.

No need to worry about transportation for the wedding party! Because the celebration is in your own home, you can just set aside rooms in your home for the wedding party to get ready. Try to pick rooms with good lighting, plenty of space, mirrors, and multiple electrical outlets.

10. Incorporate sentiment into your day.

Perhaps the biggest perk of celebrating your wedding day in your own home is the nostalgia. Why not incorporate the spaces and items in your home that mean the very most to you into your big day? That beautiful China passed down through multiple generations? Pull it out! It’s meant for special occasions, and what’s more special than your wedding day?

Hosting your special day in your beloved home can be challenging. But if you follow our tips and start making plans far ahead of time, your at-home wedding can be beautiful and stress-free.

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