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WCWV Sponsors Amy Sorinio for Open Mic at Rose Hill

In September, singer Amy Sorinio traveled from Aruba to New York to participate in an Open Mic Night at Rose Hill in New York. Amy is a professional singer and entertainer currently based out of Palm Beach, Aruba. She began her professional career in the Phillippines and has continued to showcase her talent around the world in countries such as Japan, Dubai, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and more.

Amy has a very unique voice and talent that allows her to sing multiple genres, including Standard Jazz, Easy Listening, Pop, Soul, Disco, Latin, and songs from musicals and operas. Currently, she is performing at multiple hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Aruba. She has expanded her career performing solo, but she has also performed alongside various bands and Dutch Artists. While she is widely known for covering famous songs, she has recently begun to add her own music to her repertoire. Amy has recorded many successful songs and can be heard on local radio stations.

 After learning about Amy and her talent, WCWV contacted her about the Open Mic Night at Rose Hill and wanted to give Amy the opportunity to showcase her talent in New York, and put her in contact with artist Courtney Redd, who also performed at the open mic.
Amy Sorinio (left) at Open Mic at Rose Hill in New York City

 Amy had this to say about the experience:
I am always open to sharing to all that my dream and goal are to perform in the United States. Every time I’m performing, I always visualize that I am in front of thousands of people and sharing my passion. I love to perform and just share the love.

When my friends with WCWV told me about the open-mic, I was so excited. I looked forward to being there and just share my gift. There we met Courtney and she introduced me with a lot of Artists that are busy with their passion. What a beautiful atmosphere just be there, a lot of friendly and talented artist around.

I sang the song from the musical “Phantom of the Opera’ –The Music of the night. I love to sing this song in my Shows in Aruba and know how guests react on that song. I performed it live with the band. I started singing and the crowd went from loud to really quite. I finished the song and everyone stood up and gave me a standing ovation. I was so moved and overwhelmed with the reaction. Even approached by the manager and told me, that this is the very first time that I saw the hotel owner do a standing ovation for an artist who performed here. I was really touched.

This is my dream! I want to do more.

This is just the beginning of my journey to the big stage in the United States. I am busy with many things at the moment and I will be sharing it to you soon. In the meantime, we are coached by a well-known agent Mr. Charlie Tompkey and supported by our friends at World Class Wedding Venues.”

We look forward to seeing more performances by Amy Sorinio as she continues to live out her dreams and pursues her love of music!

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