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Dreams Come True at Castle Roussillon


Dreaming of getting married in a castle? Want that fairy tale wedding and venue? You have found where your dreams will come true here at Castle Roussiliion in France. Here is where you not only will marry the love of your life, but will be handed the key to rent out the entire castle for you and your wedding party! 


This Castle was built from the 11th to the 15th century. Roussillon had eight towers, three main buildings, a chapel and a cloister.  In the 13th century, the castle belonged to Roussillon (sometimes spelled Roussilhon), a family of modest knights from whom it probably takes its name. That is how the castle has also carried on its historical name throughout centuries. At one point, around the 19th century Roussillon had been lost to ruin and was not maintained. The castle was even sold to a property manager that planned to use the stones for houses of the villages. Thankfully that did not take place and a wonderful couple bought the property in 1958. They began to retore it to its orginal beauty and character. Renovations were made to the three main towers, two main buildings and Madame's bedroom. The current owner, Jean-François Mailhol, is proud to take on the work of his parents by taking care of this gorgeous architecture.




Several options are available for staying here at the Castle. The Stable Tower will sleep 5 guest. The Barbican Tower will sleep 4. There is also the Master Bedroom Tower that is beautiful! You will get the atmosphere you have dreamed of while staying at Castle Roussillon.   


Are you ready to be handed the keys for your wedding weekend to begin your happy ever after?

Your reception will be everything you desire and can accommodate small to large weddings. Catering, rentals, and decor are all available through the venue but you are also able to run your own show! Since you are able to freely roam the castle, you will have a private and intimate wedding. 


To reserve your wedding weekend, click HERE!


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