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Top 12 Perks of a Destination Wedding

Top 12 Perks of a Destination Wedding

A big family wedding or a small destination wedding? It’s no small decision. From your budget to familial expectations, we know it can be challenging for you to find a wedding venue that checks all the boxes.

Lots of couples shy away from having their dream destination wedding because they’re worried it will be rude or disrespectful to their loved ones. But remember, although family is certainly a large part of a wedding celebration, it’s ultimately about the promise between you and your spouse-to-be. 

Odds are, you are here looking for reasons to justify your dream of a destination wedding. Check out our list of the top benefits of a wedding away from home:

1. Save money!

Want to avoid spending an excessive amount of money on your wedding? More often than not, destination weddings cost far less than big, classic weddings. And they can be just as beautiful — if not more so. A destination wedding may only cost a few thousand dollars, which is nothing compared to a classic wedding that costs upwards of $35,000.

Plus, many resorts offer discounts and deals if you book a particular number of rooms, extend your stay, or book your honeymoon with them.

2. No stress? Count me in.

Honeymoon and destination wedding resorts have mastered the art of throwing stunning weddings. They typically have full-time wedding coordinators that will make your planning process quick and easy and staff to do all the decorating, catering, and cleaning. 

You may think long-distance wedding planning is harder, but in reality, you can do everything you need from your laptop or phone, from contacting vendors to finding a florist or meeting with your wedding planner.

3. Avoid the family drama.

The “your hometown vs. my hometown” debate can suck all the fun out of choosing a wedding location. There’s no need to choose! Whether you’re eloping or inviting your closest loved ones, you can avoid disappointing your family by choosing an entirely different location that everyone will love.

4. Choose a place that’s uniquely you.

Looking for a unique venue that matches your style? Have you and your significant other (SO) always wanted to visit a specific place together? Or is there a particular location that holds special meaning for you as a couple? The best way to ensure a distinct wedding experience is to pick a location that reflects your personality and journey together.

5. Make it a family reunion.

How often does your family get to spend a week of uninterrupted quality time together? Your destination wedding may provide your family with a rare opportunity to bond and get some good old R&R. And your family will most likely appreciate the “required” vacation, anyway.

6. Start your honeymoon ASAP.

If you exchange your vows in a honeymoon resort, you’ll do all your traveling days before you even get married. No need to pop your bubble of romance by spending hours in an airport or on a plane. As soon as you say “I do,” the fun can start — and it won’t stop until you’re ready to come home.
A married couple enjoying their beach honeymoon.

7. Enjoy a more intimate gathering.

Is the thought of a big wedding giving you some early-onset anxiety? While a 200-guest wedding can make it difficult for you to have meaningful conversations with each of your guests, a destination wedding offers the intimacy you’ll need to really connect with your loved ones.

8. Already been married? Make it simple this time.

We get it. You’ve been there, done that. A large-scale wedding can just be too much of a hassle...not to mention, expensive! Why not use the opportunity to travel somewhere exotic? And if you have kids, make it a family bonding trip!

9. Create a stunning wedding photo album.

The most obvious advantage of destination weddings is the great photo opportunities. Whether you choose to celebrate your wedding in a warm, exotic paradise or in chilly, snow-capped mountains, your wedding photographer will have no trouble capturing unique moments with amazing natural backdrops. 

10. Ditch the complicated wedding dress.

Getting married on a beach or somewhere warm? It’s the perfect excuse to wear a more casual wedding dress. So, forget that thick, heavy, multilayered dress, and go with something a little lighter and more relaxed. You’ll be stunning AND comfortable!

11. Establish an anniversary vacation spot.

Once you get married there, you’ll just have to go back for your anniversary! Whether you’re celebrating your 1-year, 10-year, or 25-year anniversary, a vacation to your special wedding spot will be the sweetest reminder of the beginning of your marriage journey.

12. Rest, relax, and enjoy!

A destination wedding allows you to kick back, relax, and slow down enough to truly enjoy the happy occasion. Leave your work and worries back at home. When you arrive at your wedding destination, you’ll be free to focus on what’s really important in the moment: your new spouse.

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