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Anniversaries and the Presents To Match

Photo by from Pexels

Your wedding day is a time for celebrating your love and sharing this love with family and friends. It will always be an endearing and magical memory that remains an important milestone in your lives. And remembering this special day with more shared memories will continue to be important.   

A fun and meaningful way to celebrate your anniversary is through shared experiences and gifts for both of you that are personal and decorative – and overflowing with memories. For every year that you celebrate your anniversary – from year 1 to 100 – take pictures and videos so you will always have the memories.  Plus share a gift that has special meaning and commemorates the day.

Enrich your lives as a couple with dinners, parties, and special times alone – both in your home and seeing the world.

1st Year: Paper

Your first year wedding anniversary is a fabulous time to reunite with friends from your wedding for a party at home or a big night out. Food, fun, and sharing moments since your wedding will be filled with laughter.  

The gift for the first year is paper and this can be represented by the invitation you send to your friends.  Frame the invitation with the date so you always remember this wonderful year and how joyous it was to have others share in your happiness. 


2nd Year: Cotton

How wonderful it is to be sharing your second year together – why not remember the year with matching T-shirts or designer sheets. There are hundreds of ideas for cotton, including cotton bathrobes, cotton tops, or even cover-ups for beachwear. Plus, don’t forget dinner out at your favorite restaurant – this is a tradition you will want to keep year after year.  

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\sheets.jpg Love Print Matching Couples T-shirt - RED WOMEN 2XL

3rd year: Leather

The year flew by and it is hard to believe you will be celebrating your third year together.  Dinner with friends and a movie will provide a full evening. Plus you will want to share a gift that means something to you both. Leather is the gift designated for this year. Gifts can range in price, and choosing one that is meaningful and appropriate will be fun!  Matching wallets or jackets is an idea – plus belts for him and a purse for her. 



4th Year:  Fruit & Flowers

Fruit and flowers can be an eloquent way to celebrate your 4th anniversary. A great gift idea is to create a silk flower arrangement that will last a lifetime and always remind you of this special year. In addition to the silk flowers, a dozen of her favorite flowers and his favorite fruit will add to the celebration.


5th Year: Wood

Your 5th year anniversary is an important milestone and you will want to create a video that captures the moments on this special day.  Put the video with your wedding video so it is always ready to watch. A wonderful way to commemorate this milestone is by planting 5 trees together – to commemorate the 5 years of your marriage.  You will be able to see the fruits of your love as the trees continue to grow and strengthen. 


6th Year: Iron/Candy

For your 6th year of marriage, you cannot go wrong with candy (for sweetness) and iron (for strength).

You can make this a special occasion by buying the one sweet thing you have avoided all year and just have to have.  Eat the delicacy when having a meal out or at home.   

Iron may not sound romantic, but what if the iron gift you choose helps decorate your home or garden? You can shop together for hand-crafted candlesticks – or iron sculptures for your garden. 

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\dessert.jpg                         C:\Users\mross\Desktop\candle.jpg

7th Year: Wool/Copper

Your 7th anniversary is a special year that includes recent memories from your marriage day and dreams of the future. Nourishing your body and soul through copper cookware will bring your dreams to reality as something you both enjoy doing. Plus add a beautiful wool blanket to the occasion to stay warm on cold winter nights. 

  C:\Users\mross\Desktop\copper.jpg C:\Users\mross\Desktop\wool.jpg

8th Year:  Bronze 

Go together to find a store or artist that will bring your personalities to life through a Bronze gift creation for your 8th anniversary. Bronze is created by combining two different metals, copper and tin, and a thing of beauty is created from this combination. And take time together to decide what activity to do as a family.  


9th Year: Pottery 

Searching for pottery that is beautiful and useful can be a fun time as you shop in stores and directly with artists.  Pottery (which represents nature and simplicity) is the traditional gift for your 9th anniversary.  There are many artists that will help you find pottery that is aesthetically pleasing to you both.  Be creative and reach for vibrant color and artistic design and think about combining as a planter in your home – pottery and a plant that will continue to bring beauty to your lives.  


10th Year: Tin/Aluminum

The 10th year anniversary is a milestone for the endurance, strength, and love of your marriage. This endurance is symbolized by the strengths of tin, aluminum, and diamond jewelry.  

An aluminum slow cooker is a great way to have a lasting gift that can be shared and used as a couple.  And what a joy to come home from work to a fully cooked meal.

Plus the 10th anniversary is a great time to view and smile again at your wedding video – and 5-year anniversary video – plus make a new 10 Year Anniversary video to go with them and view throughout the years.  Be sure to keep them all together.  

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\slow cooker.jpg

And for personal sharing on your 10th anniversary – dinner out an elegant restaurant with the gift of matching diamond bands is a keepsake that will bring joy to you both for many years. 


11th Year: Steel

You are in a new stretch with your 11th year anniversary.  Your family and careers are changing and new responsibilities are important.  The strength of your 11 years is represented by the tradition of steel. In addition to a night out – or a celebration at home – the following gifts of steel will complete your special day. 

Steel jewelry: It doesn't have to be gold or platinum to be beautiful and valuable. Many stainless steel trinkets are just as lovely – and handmade.  Don’t forget to have a date, name, or a few words etched on the back. 

Stainless appliances: Upgrade the kitchen with fancy stainless appliances you can both enjoy.

Stainless flatware: A new set of forks, knives, and spoons are another great way to refresh your kitchen space.

Flask: This is a gift that you might both enjoy. 


C:\Users\mross\Desktop\11th year.jpg


12th Year:  Silk

Your 12th year anniversary is not just another year – it is as special as the bond you have developed and should be celebrated together and with family.  Remembrances can be elegant with pure silk pillowcases and comfortable with matching silk robes. If you want the feel of smooth silk everywhere then beautiful sheets will make your night!   Enjoy your special day!

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\silk pillow cases.jpg C:\Users\mross\Desktop\silk robes.jpg         C:\Users\mross\Desktop\silk sheets.jpg


13th Year: Lace

We love the ring of the 13th wedding anniversary.  Traditionally lace – strong and beautiful - represents this special anniversary and there are unique gifts to celebrate as a remembrance.  How about dinner out and then the movies with each of you in your lace tops – and then to bed with a new lace cover over the silk sheets you bought last year.  This sounds like a special day to celebrate with family or with each other.  

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\male lace shirt.jpg     C:\Users\mross\Desktop\blouse.jpg     C:\Users\mross\Desktop\lace bedcover.jpg


14th Year:  Ivory

Although ivory is the traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary, it is no longer readily available due to international bans on ivory trade that were created to protect elephants, who are now endangered due to the ivory trade. So how about using this anniversary to learn more about these gentle giants?  Check out elephant reserves all around the world, including one in Tennessee! Learn more about The Elephant Sanctuary at –where you can watch the elephants live via there ele-cam.  It is educational, fun, and raises awareness of these extraordinary animals while enjoying your special anniversary dinner or dessert.


15th Year: Crystal

What a milestone – congratulations to all who celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.  Crystal (clear, bright, and enduring) symbolizes this anniversary.  This is a milestone in your journey together and time for another video to go with your wedding video and 5th and 10th-year videos.   Family and friends continue to evolve and change and it is important to capture these moments.  In your video be sure to include your crystal vase and red roses.  

And – be ready for your trip to Paris to celebrate even more and share romantic and adventurous moments as you sail down the seine, visit the Louvre and view the Eiffel Tower, and walk hand in hand down the Champs de Elyse.  This is the magic of your 15th wedding anniversary!  

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\roses.jpg         C:\Users\mross\Desktop\paris.png

16th – 19th Anniversaries 

Every anniversary is special and must be remembered and celebrated.  A quiet dinner for two, a movie or concert, a trip you have always wanted to take.  These moments are time for you to celebrate your relationship and also connect with new and old friends and family who have shared your journey.  Be creative and celebrate your relationship on this special day.  

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\nyc.png C:\Users\mross\Desktop\mountains.png

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\hands.png C:\Users\mross\Desktop\dinner.png C:\Users\mross\Desktop\party.png

20th Year: China

Your 20th anniversary is a special time in your life and a new china piece will be a fond remembrance. Having a centerpiece for your table or a beautiful china serving plate will be perfect.  Of course, you may also want to surprise each other with personal gifts. Your parents and other relatives are older, friends may have moved away, and your children are nearing adulthood.  Your free time is important to you and this anniversary is a time to celebrate with all of your friends and family. Make the celebration easy to manage by having a dinner out or a relaxing dinner in your home.  And enjoy the china gifts that you will use for many years. 

As the years have flown by it is tempting to think that your wedding anniversary does not matter as much – but it matters more than ever.  Your remembrance sets an example for family and friends that your relationship is cherished and important. Plus, encourage others to celebrate their anniversary as this will keep relationships connected.   

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\china 1.jpg     C:\Users\mross\Desktop\china 3.jpg   C:\Users\mross\Desktop\china 2.jpg

25th Year: Silver

The 25th wedding anniversary is considered one of the most important and for many reasons.  There are new generations celebrating their own anniversaries with expanded families and friends.  Make this a time to remember with a portrait of you and your family with a silver frame and the date engraved on the frame.  

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\frame 1.png       C:\Users\mross\Desktop\frame 2.png

There are many options that can be explored such as a dinner for two, party for many, or a trip to a favorite destination.  Or what about a new destination! A great idea is a trip to the West to stay at a Ranch where you can see new views, clear night air with the stars brighter than you have ever imagined.  Concerts, dinners, walks, perhaps horseback riding can add to your vacation.  Such fun – and relaxing – a 25th wedding anniversary you will never forget!    


C:\Users\mross\Desktop\ar1.png   C:\Users\mross\Desktop\ar 2.png

30th Year: Pearl

You will both love your 30th wedding anniversary.  The pearl is the symbolic gift for this anniversary and it symbolizes the strength and endurance of your marriage.  A great idea is a pearl inlaid lamp that is both elegant and useful or a beautifully small mother of pearl table – a reminder of your 30 year anniversary. 

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\lamp.jpg                   C:\Users\mross\Pictures\table.png

And continue to celebrate this special anniversary with a trip to the beach where pearls begin and grow.  Of course, your beach vacation can be a casual oceanfront view somewhere nearby – a cruise to beautiful islands – or a trip to a resort island you have always wanted to visit.  The 30th anniversary is a very special time to share with others and enjoy with each other.  New experiences will strengthen the bond you have grown to cherish.  

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\beach 2.png     C:\Users\mross\Desktop\beach 1.jpg


35th Year: Coral

Great fun on your 35th wedding anniversary!  Coral is the traditional gift and can be the color, stone in jewelry, or a visit to a destination with a coral wreath ( Hawaii anyone?!).  Better yet plan a Hawaiian luau wearing your matching coral outfits.  Send coral invitations to family and friends and make this a super fun day. You celebrate your anniversary every year but these special occasions call for special events.  Your luau does not need to be expensive because everyone is contributing with games, food, and of course the hula hoop and Hawaiian music. Congratulations on your 35th wedding anniversary.  

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\laua4.jpg   C:\Users\mross\Desktop\luau1.jpg       

40th Year: Ruby

Your 40th wedding anniversary comes at a special time in your life and your celebration will help you remember this day.  The Ruby signifies this anniversary because rubies are thought to possess an eternal inner flame which is a symbol of a marriage that is still very alive and strong after 40 years together.

Think about all the ways you can use the deep rich color or ruby.  If you want to have a special dinner, use sparkly ruby red glitter on flowers, cards, centerpieces, gift wrap, and balloons. Set the table with a paper ruby red tablecloth, rent china, and crystal with ruby red trim or tint, use ruby red looking votive candles, place flowers in ruby red colored vases.  You can toast one another with ruby red wine and have ruby red candles and vases with your favorite flowers.   

Think of this as a special 40th week and after your day with family and friends go on a vacation for two to a hotel or resort where all your needs will be attended to and you can relax and enjoy each other.  And take your ruby red dress and shirt for a special meal and movie. Wouldn’t Las Vegas be a great destination!  


C:\Users\mross\Desktop\la4.jpg   C:\Users\mross\Desktop\la 2.jpg   C:\Users\mross\Desktop\las vegas.jpg

45th Year: Sapphire

The 45th anniversary is one of the biggest milestones you can achieve and you’re only another five years from a half-century together, but this occasion is equally as important. You were obviously made for each other and your love and devotion deserves to be celebrated.

Sapphire is the gem associated with the 45th wedding anniversary and while a blue sapphire is the most common color there are many other colors as well.  Surprise each other with a special sapphire pendant, ring, bracelet, or watch.  

After a quiet dinner with family, take a few days to celebrate your anniversary by taking a trip to a continent or country you have always wanted to visit.  There are fabulous tour companies that can help you see a special part of the world.  

  • A visit to the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa and side trips to the interior to see hundreds of giraffes and other animals roaming free.

  • A tour of Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark – Explore all three Scandinavian capitals; Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm and, stay at the ice hotel. 

  • Visit the beautiful island of Aruba where the sun is always shining with a cool breeze from the ocean.  You can stay in a hotel or better yet rent a condo with a pool. 

C:\Users\mross\Desktop\giraffe.png             C:\Users\mross\Desktop\Scandinavia.jpg       C:\Users\mross\Desktop\aruba.png                              

50th Year: Gold

“Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one”
John Keats

The golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries, by both the married couple themselves, and by their friends and family. Gold lasts for years so it is associated with strength, beauty, optimism and wealth. 

When considering gifts for the 50th anniversary, think twice before purchasing anniversary plates, jewelry, knick-knacks, etc. as many senior citizens are trying to reduce clutter and possessions in their lives.  A meaningful gift is a picture of the couple on their wedding day and the year of their 50th – in a beautiful gold frame. 

Dinner with family and friends at a favorite restaurant – with a small but beautiful wedding cake – can make this a very special day.  Toast one another with a golden colored sparkling wine such as a Chardonnay or a golden glass of champagne.

A trip to a movie or concert during the anniversary week will be a fun way to continue the celebration.  And to make the week truly special surprise your special couple with a new appliance, flat screen TV, tablet to connect with others, and Alexus to answer every question that comes to mind.  All of these gifts are fun and bring together the past present and future with joyful times and memories.  

       C:\Users\mross\Desktop\cake.jpg C:\Users\mross\Desktop\party.png C:\Users\mross\Desktop\drink.png



Your wedding day is a time for celebrating your love and sharing this love with family and friends.  Your wedding day will always be an enduring and magical memory that remains an important milestone in your lives.  And remembering this special day with more shared memories will continue to be important.   

A fun and meaningful way to celebrate your anniversary is through shared experiences and gifts for both of you that are personal and decorative – and overflowing with memories.    For every year that you celebrate your anniversary – from year 1 to 100 – take pictures and videos so you will always have the memories. Plus share a gift that has special meaning and commemorates the day. 

And enrich your lives as a couple with dinners, parties, and special times alone – both in your home and seeing the world. 


Enter the WCWV Anniversary Contest today to win a prize that corresponds with your anniversary and for a chance to win a six-night stay at Tierra Del Sol Resort in Aruba!

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