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Which Season is Right for Your Wedding?

Image Credit: Mountain Springs Lodge Dreaming of a white wedding? Hearing the waves crash against the shore as the sun beams down? What about breathing in the autumn air with mountains towering above you in the background? Or even colorful flowers blooming around you in a quiet garden? Regardless of what you want, when it is time to plan your wedding you have to know the time of year and season you want to be in. Here are some tips on how to choose which season is right for you and your wedding. Extreme Weather ​Can’t stand the heat? Hate the cold? Scared of being snowed in or rained...
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A Magical and Timeless Winter Wedding at The Hawthorns Golf and Country Club | Mac + Molly

While we are gearing up for the heat of summer here in the middle of a beautiful wedding season, we started to think about wedding planning for different seasons. While we are currently nearing the end of Spring, some of you are likely planning your Fall and Winter weddings. On that note, we are so excited to share this gorgeous Indiana Winter wedding with you. Winter weddings are SO romantic, and even a little magical. This is why we LOVE them! With Christmas spirit all around, you can have one of the most romantic and most joyful weddings than during any other time of the year (in our...
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The Wedding Dress and How it Came to Be

Traditional French Wedding Dress from 1864 Image Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute The history of weddings and the idea and marriage is incredibly long and extensive. Marriage was at one point mainly used for financial stability, to gain social status, and to even create alliances. As time has passed the reasoning of marriage has changed. Used as the term of bonding two people who love one another and wish to be with no one else. This bond is usually finalized in a ceremony that came to be known as the wedding. So at what point in time did the wedding dress become so...
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