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A Dream Wedding at Bishop's Gate Hotel in Derry, Ireland

Dreaming of a gorgeous wedding in Derry, Ireland? This wedding venue is simply stunning and will accomodate all your wedding dreams! Every inch of this venue is gorgeous! Charm, style, and romance. No matter what style or theme you desire, anything can be made possible at Bishop's Gate Hotel. Chosing a venue can be difficult when you and your finance' prefer different settings. When it comes to Bishop's Gate Hotel, everyone can be accomodated so it's a win win for the couple! If you are dreaming of getting married in Ireland, then this is the perfect location....
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Wedding Dresses: Old and New

Photo by Kyle Roxas from Pexels When planning their wedding, almost every brides’ most favorite and most nerve-wracking part is wedding dress shopping. With all eyes on them on their wedding day, the bride wants to look their absolute best, and sometimes, have a lot of sentiment to go with it. Most of the time, the first place the bride will look for a dress is to their family. Most mothers and grandmothers would love to see their children wear the same dress they wore on their big day. Many families have even had a wedding dress in their family for generations, keeping pristine and...
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Today Show Host Hoda Kotb Officiates Surprise Zoom Wedding

Today Show Host Hoda Kotb It is known at this point that many weddings have been postponed or canceled this year, but there are couples and businesses that are finding ways to make sure that the show can go on. Drive-thru weddings, video game weddings, even virtual calls turned into ceremonies. Some states, like New York, are even recognizing weddings held online and through the video call software Zoom. In recent months, Zoom has become a very popular video call software. It is being used to hold business meetings, classes, help friends and family keep in contact, and now, it is being...
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